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Today's Relationship vs The Traditional, what changed? 

Well if we see what's going on in today's society we might find the answer to what's happening in today relationships. Couples nowadays are in more of the upgrade, test drive before you buy business. Like an automobile salesman, the dating game can be a lot similar that many think. No one wants to commit nowadays, why should they? Look at all the variety of great people in this world, and there are some things everyone can get enough of, or maybe even wants to drive someone at-least once in their lifetime! 

Welcome to the future of speed dating. Life is too short why not live it up right! The relationship time span today is about six months, until your partner is convinced that they really want to be with you. Back in the days, people would get married, have children, raise their families, and live life right; right. "Now why run after them all when you can walk and get them all" Relationship doesn't not consist of only sex, you would think but what when the joy of sex gets dull in the bed room? huh! Make it your theme park because relationship consists of many great amusement, obligations, respect, sharing, etc... So enjoy the best of it.  

Broken homes come from a lack of communication, responsibility, and support. Kids having kids, no father figure, single parents, all are examples of today's relationship history traits broken. 


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