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People search the world for love but never can find it. Some confuse love with lust but many say they can go hand and hand. Where is love you asked? Well from my experience love is patient, love is kind, love is blind! You may never find love looking for it you can just get lucky and stumbled over love tomorrow for all we know. If we look deep into the things we really want. You may have a perception on things you want and because of it you may overlook what's really matters.  

To seek real love is to seek love within. When you totally understand yourself can move to love someone else. What do you love most? Love is a feeling many say it has an emotions many cannot withstand; "People with much love live better than those with much money!" Do your loved ones find ways to stop you from crying, love plays a big role in the way you treat others. Love is out there but the steps to find it can be overwhelming. But one thing love can be is contagious. What is love, what it means to you, what makes you happy, these questions can be a first step to finding real love.

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