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Why rap albums not moving out the stores? In today's Hip Hop rap world, artists are not moving store sales like they projected. Rappers are making more money doing shows then selling out stores. Streaming and Youtube video views are new age formats, and doing better than selling albums in stores. But why is this transition taking place to some rappers in the music industry? Some rap artists never changed their styles or either copy other rap styles. 

Every year album sales goes down and sales start declining every album after that. But why? Maybe because some rapper do not research or take the time to understand their fans. Ever wonder why Jay-Z always go platinum every album? Because Jay-Z gets it, he raps with the age group he started with, and adds more fans as he and his lyrics grows. The old fans introduce the new ones and so on that's how Jay-Z will alway make store sales because he gets it. Or even 2pac, still have fans in the era age group till today.

Yeah we heard or know about the one hit wonders, but imagine a teenager talking to their parents about some party with every kid underage getting drunk. Or even image a parent being silly, like crawling under the table; it will look weird or awkward. The Rap game album sales are steered possibly the same way.  

So, how is 40 something year old Rap artist rapping like a 20 year old rapper; when paying fans are in their forties. Real loyal fans wants to see growth in their favorite rap artists. And some rap artists changed with the wave, thinking sales will rise; not thinking about the real supported fans that grew thru artists rap lyrics. 

 So, when rapper's second album start going south. When the first album, talks about going north coming from south; that's when you start losing fans. Because your music is not growing lyricly, therefore; your fans lose interest, and store sales goes down.




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