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Why we so ghetto? I asked! I believe people act much ghetto base on the condition of each individual upbringings. The word ghetto came from some Jewish guy who way back in the days would say "ghetto" to define a segregated area or community. I believe he would say this word ghetto to actually name a section of the community as "not for us" and it all made sense. The ghetto people that were mainly black was label ghetto as a different community throughout northern America. 

Much like today the ghetto is base on a low level community structured to assist those less fortunate. But throughout the decades of ghetto housing; statistics shows the most crimes and other shameful activities happens in the community ghettos. The same structure that was designed to built and help the people of less fortunate; it too, also have hurt the communities traumatically. So the question is why do some people act ghetto? It can be many reasons why someone is so ghetto! But now a days it's not where you from can make you ghetto, but how you're raised, and how you act, can be the reason someone would be ghetto too. 

Every ghetto in the nation have suffered a great deal of climate chaos. Miami ghetto have been a tough era to look at. Chicago ghettos got the ghetto streets upside down with this new city theme called Chiraq. Baltimore ghettos are always overlooked but they are as bad as the others, if not worst. Atlanta ghettos always been quiet on the map, but best believe they making loud noise with ghetto features. L.A ghettos started it from the beginning with the red and blue segregation. New Orleans ghetto have been call ghetto as a whole city, that's how ghetto it is. New York ghettos are darker than a blind man's vision. All across the nation ghettos have been embedded, rather from Cleveland, Detroit, Texas or the West the ghettos are there.

They are many people that never lived in a ghetto environment that are more ghetto than the ghetto itself. 

But who are you to blame some people really want to be ghetto; they act it so well they become ghetto. They are people that lived in the ghetto all their lives and will never show a fiber of ghettoness until that boiling point. Acting ghetto have been avoid as time and time passes but it had explained to be a noun of someone doing the ignorant self destructive actions. The word "Nigga" have restored the codes of ghettos, but that's another story. Why are some people so, ghetto? Many reasons can include but not limit to attention, dysfunctional conditions, life alters, surroundings, etc...




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