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What things you can't see but feel or notice? Its seemingly awkward to see the things in plain site, as the main messages are hidden from the regulars. It's seems in life, everything feel more of a dream that intrude the realities. Everything around us seems to parallel a cycle of ongoing conflicts and wrongful experiences. 

 When the wind blows can you actually see it? The tooth fairy will come but never get to meet her. Looking at the hardships of real people comparing to those putting up a front to fit in, can we blame them; they feel the need to claim to be somebody in life. But in a controlling world, many are coming to be more adjacent away from the truth. But really, it's a coincidence, that humans are really overwhelmed with themselves. Looking around of the courses and past actions that took place and suggested will take place, seem to build a major catastrophe closer than expected. Mind reading is the one control that influence our intended behavior. 

When picking the hidden battles, one should know the basics to chosen subject. The facts are hidden from the every one and entertaining is the replacement for the truth. There are facts that education is paramount and wisdom is attached to survival, but will that be enough from the hidden truth.




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