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Do you want to earn extra money helping companies make more sales? Do you know about affiliate programs that will actually do payouts when you actually promote their products or services? Many times people will search a way to earn some extra money to fulfill that path to success; but don't give up, it's out there. Marketing someone else stuff is not always rewarding as it may seem, trying to earn extra money by helping these affiliate programs can be nerve wrecking; why because some programs really don't pay. 

They are many affiliate programs out there that will sell you the dream to earn big; but do you really ever earn anything? Making a difference or trying to market others for your benefit will only lead you to heart breaks and disappointments, because these so called programs don't really ever pay anything. When seeing your reports you may think you not doing enough to earn as you may think. Using social media, writing blogs, or even word of mouth to market the affiliate's just to witness no data at all. In the past I've tried these programs and thought I was doing any good; and actually I felt excited to help and earn some money online, but in actuality I was only helping the affiliate companies and not myself. 

Imagine marketing your time and skills to think you was helping yourself but never rep the benefits; how would you feel? Going out there and using your beliefs and courage on making things look good to bring in some sales. Or helping yourself and the affiliates to earn some extra cash sounds good and fair. Well welcome to the real world of online using and false marketing, because it's out there. Most or some affiliate programs use these tactics only to promote their products and services; just to make it seem like you are going to make some real money. Rarely the real report data or sales will barely show on affiliate's dashboards; as it may seem, this will make things seem like you are not doing enough or doing anything at all.  Companies are tricking users to think they will get paid by promoting affiliates' platforms. After seeing this in action many times, I realized this a online market using 101. 

How to find out that you are getting your share of the agreement. Checking your reports on a daily basis just to see your sales are not going anywhere. Thinking of other ways to promote and finding solutions to make an impact uses a lot of energy. Some companies will not report your earnings until you can confirm your sale directly to support, but how beneficial is that; what is really happening, how can you track every confirm sale in the digital online world? But before you give your all, try a real test as a guest user and see if your getting the real results. But here's how to catch these false affiliate programs red handed, try using the application yourself or find a close friend that needs the product or service at the time to see if you really get any earnings. But don't get me wrong; they are some good affiliate programs out there that really honors your marketing hard work, and actually pays you; so don't give up. 




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