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In our daily life of living, we are force to choose the right friends; because your life depends on it. Everybody knows the root of all evil, well money; but the root of evil can be a thin line between love and hate as well. Money and love, are some of the dominant things people strives for. But what happens when life sends you in the wrong direction, putting you in a deadly situation with a friend. And you are blind, where you can not seem to see what went wrong with your friend.

In today's society people cannot seem to be trusted. Why is it that this individual can be your friend today, but tomorrow their whole vibes towards you changed, without you even doing anything but being yourself. Maybe you came by in an expensive car or got that job you always wanted. Jealously and envy exists, and switching characters and mixed emotions are part of people demeanor. Well everybody days these days are not as good as yours. Life situations comes and some people deal with it with anger, while others feel if they lost a hundred dollars, you too must have lose the same or it's not fair. The instinct of some humans are deeper than one can imagine. 

Well in most urban communities fake friends are everywhere lurking for the quick scheme or come up. Your so called friend that you will do anything for might not think the same about you. Ever heard "keep your enemies close... watch your homies" by 2pac, well he ain't never lied. But understand this, most of the people that can hurt you are usually the ones always around you. Yeah, random things happen in life, as always; but if we really pay attention enough, somethings can be avoided or minimized.

Snakes and fake friends are everywhere, just look around you, and some don't notice you maybe because you have no money to show, so you not really their interest. But show some foolish reason to get some flashy attention that you have it, (Money) and they will sniff you down like a dog looking for a treat.

We all know everybody wants to be somebody, so therefore people have their own way to motivate themselves to feel like somebody. Rather getting that dream car, mating with that beautiful person, or going somewhere you never been. Everybody way of feeling like somebody is up to the individual. But what about when hanging with many friends and you start getting into trouble. Yeah you can't blame them for your actions, but if you have positive friends would one have advise you to be safe or could one inspire you to do better? Some so called friends would know it's wrong and would still encourage you to pursue the negative, is that really your friend?

As we grow older, people grow apart, people start seeing the bigger picture of life, and some never actually get a chance to conquer past that. Some people are in your life as blessing and some are mainly lessons. Remember it's worst to have a friend stab you in the back than to be prepare for the enemy that you can see coming. If you are beneficial to someone, they might be around just for that reason. And true enough they are great people out there, and they themselves are cautious of others because some know there's a difference between friends and foes, and fears the worst.

Always remember your true friend does not care how much money you have or who you know, a real friend really cares about you, and that you are there with them. So, at an early age your true friends will always and usually be your family and others that doesn't require much from you but your well being and happiness. My advice is to find a genuine compatible mate, surrounding yourself with positive motivated individuals, and enjoy life with your loved ones.




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