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Do you want to earn extra money helping companies make more sales? Do you know about affiliate programs that will actually do payouts when you actually promote their products or services? Many times people will search a way to earn some extra money to fulfill that path to success; but don't give up, it's out there. Marketing someone else stuff is not always rewarding as it may seem, trying to earn extra money by helping these affiliate programs can be nerve wrecking; why because some programs really don't pay. 

They are many affiliate programs out there that will sell you the dream to earn big; but do you really ever earn anything? Making a difference or trying to market others for your benefit will only lead you to heart breaks and disappointments, because these so called programs don't really ever pay anything. When seeing your reports you may think you not doing enough to earn as you may think. Using social media, writing blogs, or even word of mouth to market the affiliate's just to witness no data at all. In the past I've tried these programs and thought I was doing any good; and actually I felt excited to help and earn some money online, but in actuality I was only helping the affiliate companies and not myself. 

Imagine marketing your time and skills to think you was helping yourself but never rep the benefits; how would you feel? Going out there and using your beliefs and courage on making things look good to bring in some sales. Or helping yourself and the affiliates to earn some extra cash sounds good and fair. Well welcome to the real world of online using and false marketing, because it's out there. Most or some affiliate programs use these tactics only to promote their products and services; just to make it seem like you are going to make some real money. Rarely the real report data or sales will barely show on affiliate's dashboards; as it may seem, this will make things seem like you are not doing enough or doing anything at all.  Companies are tricking users to think they will get paid by promoting affiliates' platforms. After seeing this in action many times, I realized this a online market using 101. 

How to find out that you are getting your share of the agreement. Checking your reports on a daily basis just to see your sales are not going anywhere. Thinking of other ways to promote and finding solutions to make an impact uses a lot of energy. Some companies will not report your earnings until you can confirm your sale directly to support, but how beneficial is that; what is really happening, how can you track every confirm sale in the digital online world? But before you give your all, try a real test as a guest user and see if your getting the real results. But here's how to catch these false affiliate programs red handed, try using the application yourself or find a close friend that needs the product or service at the time to see if you really get any earnings. But don't get me wrong; they are some good affiliate programs out there that really honors your marketing hard work, and actually pays you; so don't give up. 

The Hubsan 501A drone have released 3 firmwares. All 3 firmwares consist in many attributes and performance. Looking at Hubsan past 501S and the reformed 501SS have been base on functionality of flight and their behaviors. While the latest 501A act in the way most don't know about. 

The 501A that has added a wifi function for the app use of waypoints. The Hubsan 501A waypoint feature is great to use if one may like mission planning and follow me. But with all the great features that this drone have to offer, it is an underrated quad; because most pilots don't understand its ability. But looking closely at this quad, the Hubsan 501A quad will begin to raise eye brows that most hobbyist collector may have to respect, and its nature in the drone market. 

The value of this drone is inexpensive compare to other drones, more like the dji; where it cost an arm or a leg to buy. And spending over five hundred dollars on a quad is kind of breath-taking, especially in a time like this; where the money game is not like it use to be. Dji drone are great drones, don't get me wrong; but like every product it too have some issues like fly-away, restrictions, etc.... Looking at a dji drone will be kind of hesitant to think, do you really need this expensive drone, and may say should I just buy a cheap car on Craigslist to get around instead for the price. But the difference between a Hubsan and a dji are more of just two main features like a camera gimbal and obstacle avoidance which is not 100%. But in retrospect the flight performance are almost the same 20-27 minutes flight time and great fail-safe. 

But this blog is really not about comparing the dji to the Hubsan, but more about the Hubsan 501A firmwares. So I made a video explaining more of the Hubsan 501A firmware behaviors that gives more details of what I learned about the drone, which I think should help buyers find the underdog drone listed at a better price range.

ASE Mechanics worst nightmare! The product that works! It fixes engine block and unexplained water leaks that cars could get overtime. Many car owners don't know about this trick but it surely works. An ASE Mechanic don't want you to know about this because they use this product themselves, and mechanics make a pretty quick penny from this method. Many woman go to mechanics to fix their water leak and thinks it's a major issues let alone a major fix, but a water leak is a big major issue and can cause your engine to give up due to overheating and the cause of no water. But looking to go to an experience mechanic to fix this problem can be an advantage for that greedy mechanic; because they use this procedure to save labor time and make up the lost capital. It's called a Easy Lunch or generally as a quick fix quick bucks scheme. But before you go to a mechanic about an unexpected water leak try this product first.

What things you can't see but feel or notice? Its seemingly awkward to see the things in plain site, as the main messages are hidden from the regulars. It's seems in life, everything feel more of a dream that intrude the realities. Everything around us seems to parallel a cycle of ongoing conflicts and wrongful experiences. 

 When the wind blows can you actually see it? The tooth fairy will come but never get to meet her. Looking at the hardships of real people comparing to those putting up a front to fit in, can we blame them; they feel the need to claim to be somebody in life. But in a controlling world, many are coming to be more adjacent away from the truth. But really, it's a coincidence, that humans are really overwhelmed with themselves. Looking around of the courses and past actions that took place and suggested will take place, seem to build a major catastrophe closer than expected. Mind reading is the one control that influence our intended behavior. 

When picking the hidden battles, one should know the basics to chosen subject. The facts are hidden from the every one and entertaining is the replacement for the truth. There are facts that education is paramount and wisdom is attached to survival, but will that be enough from the hidden truth.

Why rap albums not moving out the stores? In today's Hip Hop rap world, artists are not moving store sales like they projected. Rappers are making more money doing shows then selling out stores. Streaming and Youtube video views are new age formats, and doing better than selling albums in stores. But why is this transition taking place to some rappers in the music industry? Some rap artists never changed their styles or either copy other rap styles. 

Every year album sales goes down and sales start declining every album after that. But why? Maybe because some rapper do not research or take the time to understand their fans. Ever wonder why Jay-Z always go platinum every album? Because Jay-Z gets it, he raps with the age group he started with, and adds more fans as he and his lyrics grows. The old fans introduce the new ones and so on that's how Jay-Z will alway make store sales because he gets it. Or even 2pac, still have fans in the era age group till today.

Yeah we heard or know about the one hit wonders, but imagine a teenager talking to their parents about some party with every kid underage getting drunk. Or even image a parent being silly, like crawling under the table; it will look weird or awkward. The Rap game album sales are steered possibly the same way.  

So, how is 40 something year old Rap artist rapping like a 20 year old rapper; when paying fans are in their forties. Real loyal fans wants to see growth in their favorite rap artists. And some rap artists changed with the wave, thinking sales will rise; not thinking about the real supported fans that grew thru artists rap lyrics. 

 So, when rapper's second album start going south. When the first album, talks about going north coming from south; that's when you start losing fans. Because your music is not growing lyricly, therefore; your fans lose interest, and store sales goes down.

Finding a way out of an uncomfortable situation is not as easy as one may assume. You can find yourself deep into something that will not be hard to get out of. Life may throw a bone your way, and most of the times, or sometimes; we may not see it coming. But when you need help, who do we call; 9-1-1, or do we call on the Almighty God?

Like your job, you hate so much; but can't leave, because you have bills to pay. Finding a way out is easier said than done. Attached to obligations and you can't get out of? Think for a minute; of how you got in this situation in the first place. Many of us choose things based on conveniences, and some will make choices to make someone else happy; just to find themselves unhappy or disappointed. 

We are humans and we do make mistakes, but do we really know what's good for us, or what we need; these days? You signed that contract and now you regret it; cause you was better off going the other route. Finding a way out, when you wanted to come in so bad; that you sacrifice almost everything to get in. You befriended someone and now you become their pet and you feel used. When time change so does people, it's not the same from the outside and different from the inside.

Which way to go when your circumstances are getting worst; and need to find a way out. You've walked into danger; and looking for a way out. Preparing for a way out must be the best way out of a marriage, that you thought was going to be your forever soulmate; cause of accumulation abuse or infidelities.

You must know you are not alone and understand that's how life is and it will test you. Be calm; and don't make the situation any worse than it is. 

So, what's the solution to finding the best way out; well going back to the future to see Doc's Time Machine seems impossible. So, how could things get fix; that possibly can't be fixed! Some say making better choices in the future, many will tell you to try different scenarios related to your situation, others will advise you to ask for help, and even your conscious may whisper to walk away. All suggestions to find a way out are great advice; finally communicating about pros and cons could be a great start to finding answers. 

In our daily life of living, we are force to choose the right friends; because your life depends on it. Everybody knows the root of all evil, well money; but the root of evil can be a thin line between love and hate as well. Money and love, are some of the dominant things people strives for. But what happens when life sends you in the wrong direction, putting you in a deadly situation with a friend. And you are blind, where you can not seem to see what went wrong with your friend.

In today's society people cannot seem to be trusted. Why is it that this individual can be your friend today, but tomorrow their whole vibes towards you changed, without you even doing anything but being yourself. Maybe you came by in an expensive car or got that job you always wanted. Jealously and envy exists, and switching characters and mixed emotions are part of people demeanor. Well everybody days these days are not as good as yours. Life situations comes and some people deal with it with anger, while others feel if they lost a hundred dollars, you too must have lose the same or it's not fair. The instinct of some humans are deeper than one can imagine. 

Well in most urban communities fake friends are everywhere lurking for the quick scheme or come up. Your so called friend that you will do anything for might not think the same about you. Ever heard "keep your enemies close... watch your homies" by 2pac, well he ain't never lied. But understand this, most of the people that can hurt you are usually the ones always around you. Yeah, random things happen in life, as always; but if we really pay attention enough, somethings can be avoided or minimized.

Snakes and fake friends are everywhere, just look around you, and some don't notice you maybe because you have no money to show, so you not really their interest. But show some foolish reason to get some flashy attention that you have it, (Money) and they will sniff you down like a dog looking for a treat.

We all know everybody wants to be somebody, so therefore people have their own way to motivate themselves to feel like somebody. Rather getting that dream car, mating with that beautiful person, or going somewhere you never been. Everybody way of feeling like somebody is up to the individual. But what about when hanging with many friends and you start getting into trouble. Yeah you can't blame them for your actions, but if you have positive friends would one have advise you to be safe or could one inspire you to do better? Some so called friends would know it's wrong and would still encourage you to pursue the negative, is that really your friend?

As we grow older, people grow apart, people start seeing the bigger picture of life, and some never actually get a chance to conquer past that. Some people are in your life as blessing and some are mainly lessons. Remember it's worst to have a friend stab you in the back than to be prepare for the enemy that you can see coming. If you are beneficial to someone, they might be around just for that reason. And true enough they are great people out there, and they themselves are cautious of others because some know there's a difference between friends and foes, and fears the worst.

Always remember your true friend does not care how much money you have or who you know, a real friend really cares about you, and that you are there with them. So, at an early age your true friends will always and usually be your family and others that doesn't require much from you but your well being and happiness. My advice is to find a genuine compatible mate, surrounding yourself with positive motivated individuals, and enjoy life with your loved ones.

Having problems with Windows 0xc00000f? If you see this on your computer you are probably going bananas; especially when you have all your important files and informations stored. You can try rebooting it as many times as you want, but until you solve this problem you'll be stuck like chuck. Many will tell you to buy such software to reboot or solve this and even the computer will ask for install disk to repair this. These softwares do work but if you really think about it your machine was built for days like this. How, you asked? Well your computer updates how often, depending on your administration settings it would vary. Did you know when your computer updates it also stores a last working backup just in case you come to problems like 0xc00000f. Window Manager Reboot will pop up every time your computer restarts. To solve 0xc00000f
1: restart your computer until your computer's logo show up
2: Your computer might asked to press enter
3: press the esc key until computer menu shows
4: after the menu shows the options press
5: choose or select the recovery option usually F11 then watch the magic happens.
Everything will be back to normal after it scan an recovery all the last update backup files (this will take some time so be patient). Wait until it goes through the full recovery process as it should have fix your problems without downloading any software.
Facebook policies are changing everyday! Although Facebook sites are addicting are they worth the troubles. Are you a Facebook slave? When you're logged into Facebook; it's seems like a pretty social site that seems innocent right, wrong! Your Facebook profiles are being monitor by your local protection departments. Your profile, status, likes, messages, photo, videos and etc... are under surveillance. 

While everyone else on Facebook are using false alias, and unique names, they question you. And everyone else on Facebook are goofing around, but Facebook decide to ask you about name confirmation. And you are just probably on there just to promote your business; and Facebook moderators harasses you. But you see all these crazy unique name still existing, how absurd. But how come the other millions of Facebook profiles doesn't undergo the same treatment, but you are asked for name verification. Kind of Racist or prejudice right; when you only on Facebook to promote your business. Why do Facebook do this? Well it could be many reasons, why Facebook does this to you and not no one else. Facebook will give many BS reasons why. Remember, Facebook is not private; it may seem private due to your preference settings, but they are accessible by your judgmental hierarchies. The local police or federal government have full access to your profile and will judge you by your profile activities and status posts to determine your socialistic positions. 

Facebook private policies will be the company's downfall! People hate that their profile is being compromise when the others are being intransigence. When facebook started in 2004 it was private and fun, nowadays that's not the case. Ever wanted to say something bad but in a nice way (indirect); everybody does it, jobs especially "we're impressed -but we still have others to interview- we will call you if anything".  Well facebook have mastered this, by manipulating your social intelligence with post distractions of what they think you should be interested in. They profit off your dysfunction, but mad when you profit off their platform. Really try free promoting your business with a different unique name constantly, best believe they will restrict you and make up some reason to do so. 

Stop signing in using facebook connect, because if facebook restricts you those other websites will restrict you too. Facebook will collect data of all your site activities and preferences with that 1 login button.  And to retain your password for those other sites; you will need to insert the email Facebook use to register in the website's lost password page to be release from Facebook connect.


Facebook use to be fun but now Facebook is so saturated and prejudice, that it's not anymore. If you are tired of Facebook policy schemes please leave, they are collecting data of you to judge you. When bad business take place move on to something better. Facebook act like they care about you, but they really don't. Facebook staffs just care about Facebook that's it so don't get mad when you become their lab victims. 

Voting for the right candidate to be president of the United States is a complicated decision today. We see all that's going on in America today, will make you reconsider on who to vote for. Rather white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc... somehow we all maybe affected with what's going on in America.

America road to better or change; sounds good! But really, what are these presidential candidate's real visions when elected. I mean, nobody will tell you their bad deeds upfront, or really show their main attention at time of running for presidency. We've seen many presidents before sell dreams numerous of times to the people, "politics". So what will really change?

We cannot go too much on what's being said but more of what's being done. Remember talk is cheap but these presidential candidates are not lacking any finances; they just lacking honesty and relationships with the people. We've seen it before, you work at a company job but never see the hierarchies running the show, or you've worked there for years and nothing seems to change.

The CEOs sometimes don't notice, because they barely there to see what's really being affected. It's not their fault, these CEOs usually got other worries and hire others to do these leg work. This employer structure is no different from the president position, they usually have the same responsibilities. So if they don't put the right personal in place to build a successful company, means minimum expansion. Ok, we see this in reverse; so who is the best person for the next big chair?

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Marco Rubio, John Kasich are running to sit tall with only two democratic and the rest are republicans. Some of these candidates will never know the bottom line of America. The decisions are there, but you must ask yourself what will work for us as a whole?

Most of these candidates are selling themselves to you and can probably sell you next. Things are changing for the better, why not equality, why not solutions, why not change and opportunities. It's not what's said but what's being done!

The concepts of being the next president will have to be able to foresee the nation's issues. We as people must notice the turnaround of these candidates before elected.
Who are you voting for? Our future depends on you!
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