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The Hubsan 501A drone have released 3 firmwares. All 3 firmwares consist in many attributes and performance. Looking at Hubsan past 501S and the reformed 501SS have been base on functionality of flight and their behaviors. While the latest 501A act in the way most don't know about. 

The 501A that has added a wifi function for the app use of waypoints. The Hubsan 501A waypoint feature is great to use if one may like mission planning and follow me. But with all the great features that this drone have to offer, it is an underrated quad; because most pilots don't understand its ability. But looking closely at this quad, the Hubsan 501A quad will begin to raise eye brows that most hobbyist collector may have to respect, and its nature in the drone market. 

The value of this drone is inexpensive compare to other drones, more like the dji; where it cost an arm or a leg to buy. And spending over five hundred dollars on a quad is kind of breath-taking, especially in a time like this; where the money game is not like it use to be. Dji drone are great drones, don't get me wrong; but like every product it too have some issues like fly-away, restrictions, etc.... Looking at a dji drone will be kind of hesitant to think, do you really need this expensive drone, and may say should I just buy a cheap car on Craigslist to get around instead for the price. But the difference between a Hubsan and a dji are more of just two main features like a camera gimbal and obstacle avoidance which is not 100%. But in retrospect the flight performance are almost the same 20-27 minutes flight time and great fail-safe. 

But this blog is really not about comparing the dji to the Hubsan, but more about the Hubsan 501A firmwares. So I made a video explaining more of the Hubsan 501A firmware behaviors that gives more details of what I learned about the drone, which I think should help buyers find the underdog drone listed at a better price range.




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