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Finding a way out of an uncomfortable situation is not as easy as one may assume. You can find yourself deep into something that will not be hard to get out of. Life may throw a bone your way, and most of the times, or sometimes; we may not see it coming. But when you need help, who do we call; 9-1-1, or do we call on the Almighty God?

Like your job, you hate so much; but can't leave, because you have bills to pay. Finding a way out is easier said than done. Attached to obligations and you can't get out of? Think for a minute; of how you got in this situation in the first place. Many of us choose things based on conveniences, and some will make choices to make someone else happy; just to find themselves unhappy or disappointed. 

We are humans and we do make mistakes, but do we really know what's good for us, or what we need; these days? You signed that contract and now you regret it; cause you was better off going the other route. Finding a way out, when you wanted to come in so bad; that you sacrifice almost everything to get in. You befriended someone and now you become their pet and you feel used. When time change so does people, it's not the same from the outside and different from the inside.

Which way to go when your circumstances are getting worst; and need to find a way out. You've walked into danger; and looking for a way out. Preparing for a way out must be the best way out of a marriage, that you thought was going to be your forever soulmate; cause of accumulation abuse or infidelities.

You must know you are not alone and understand that's how life is and it will test you. Be calm; and don't make the situation any worse than it is. 

So, what's the solution to finding the best way out; well going back to the future to see Doc's Time Machine seems impossible. So, how could things get fix; that possibly can't be fixed! Some say making better choices in the future, many will tell you to try different scenarios related to your situation, others will advise you to ask for help, and even your conscious may whisper to walk away. All suggestions to find a way out are great advice; finally communicating about pros and cons could be a great start to finding answers. 




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