How to Scale Your Coaching Business with Asynchronous Coaching

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How to Scale Your Coaching Business with Asynchronous Coaching
Scaling Your Coaching Business!  This is a guest article by Brian Casel, founder of ZipMessage, a tool for coaches to swap messages with clients using video, audio, screen or text, all asynchronously in one easy-to-use conversation thread.

Every coach we talk to (and we talk to a lot of them!) says the same thing about what they do:

Being a coach is so rewarding because you get to help and support clients along the path to reaching their goals.  Watching clients succeed is a source of personal pride among coaches, whatever field of coaching you specialize in, such as life, nutritional, financial, or business.

But I often wonder:  Who coaches the coach?

Coaching can be exhausting, particularly if your calendar is bursting with back-to-back calls and meetings. A solidly booked calendar might seem great for the bank balance and reputation, but it's incredibly difficult to sustain.

Are you so busy with coaching sessions that you feel held back when it comes to growing your own business? Are you helping others succeed yet feel limited when it comes to your own success? Keep reading to discover an effective solution.


Your Business Depends on Your Client Relationships

To state the obvious, your professional success and your coaching business rely on your relationship with your clients.

Building professional relationships requires communication. After all, the main value of what you offer to clients is access to you. Without access, clients don't obtain the necessary guidance, insights, and support that they expect from coaching services.

In essence, client access is vital, for both the client and your business.

However, having so many meetings negatively impacts your ability to grow and scale your coaching business. There are limited hours in the day and, if so much of your time is spent on calls or in in-person meetings, there's no time left to focus on other areas of your business.

Problems of Being Too Busy with Calls

Spending so much time in calls or meetings or calls is problematic for several reasons

Your Business Cannot Grow

Your personal business goals to improve your website, develop your social media channels, invest in additional training and certification, or participate in professional networking events, for example, cannot happen if your time is constantly spent on client calls.

In short, your business can fail to thrive while helping others reach their goals.

Your Mental Well-Being Can Suffer

Too many calls can also take a toll on your mental and physical health. Zoom fatigue is unpleasant and, unfortunately, very real!

A day spent in live meetings is draining. Now, repeat that every working day, and you'll quickly realize how unsustainable it is.

In addition to impacting your focus and mood, back-to-back calls can negatively affect your client interactions. Few people operate at their best when they're exhausted. You might be saying the same words, but with little conviction or passion — and your clients can usually pick up on this change in energy. 

Fatigue can affect how you approach matters, too, and it's unlikely you'll be the best coach you can be when you're stressed and run down from spending too much time in live calls.

Your Physical Health Can Suffer

Simply being at your screen all day can cause more adversity for you. You may experience headaches, dry eyes, digital eye strain, body aches, dehydration, insomnia, and a raft of other screen-related issues. 

It’s widely known that excessive periods sitting in front of a screen can contribute to potentially serious health problems, ranging from obesity and diabetes to high blood pressure, muscle fatigue, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancers.

So, how can you balance the critical need for client access and your other business needs and health?

For starters

Transform Your Coaching Business with Asynchronous Messaging

With so many possibilities, async communications can really help you to transform and grow your business.

You'll have greater control over your time while still building client trust and maintaining open channels for access. Plus, clients love having space between messages to think, digest, and consider their next question or response.

You can give client issues the short, sharp focus they deserve, rather than racing from call to call with barely a moment to breathe.

You can consider offering new coaching programs and reach even more clients.

Async solutions really are a win-win for everyone!

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