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Voting for the right candidate to be president of the United States is a complicated decision today. We see all that's going on in America today, will make you reconsider on who to vote for. Rather white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc... somehow we all maybe affected with what's going on in America.

America road to better or change; sounds good! But really, what are these presidential candidate's real visions when elected. I mean, nobody will tell you their bad deeds upfront, or really show their main attention at time of running for presidency. We've seen many presidents before sell dreams numerous of times to the people, "politics". So what will really change?

We cannot go too much on what's being said but more of what's being done. Remember talk is cheap but these presidential candidates are not lacking any finances; they just lacking honesty and relationships with the people. We've seen it before, you work at a company job but never see the hierarchies running the show, or you've worked there for years and nothing seems to change.

The CEOs sometimes don't notice, because they barely there to see what's really being affected. It's not their fault, these CEOs usually got other worries and hire others to do these leg work. This employer structure is no different from the president position, they usually have the same responsibilities. So if they don't put the right personal in place to build a successful company, means minimum expansion. Ok, we see this in reverse; so who is the best person for the next big chair?

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Marco Rubio, John Kasich are running to sit tall with only two democratic and the rest are republicans. Some of these candidates will never know the bottom line of America. The decisions are there, but you must ask yourself what will work for us as a whole?

Most of these candidates are selling themselves to you and can probably sell you next. Things are changing for the better, why not equality, why not solutions, why not change and opportunities. It's not what's said but what's being done!

The concepts of being the next president will have to be able to foresee the nation's issues. We as people must notice the turnaround of these candidates before elected.
Who are you voting for? Our future depends on you!

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