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In these days in age the web is the source for many big business of the world. I mean imagine paying your bills with one single click; without leaving your home and by saving gas and time, pretty sweet right! Well, guess what people out there are making a fortune just by having the right components in one single web page. Just like that anybody with the right creative idea that have an established design when putting it all together and knowing how to direct traffic to their site then you are on the way to success. But the hardest part about your idea is letting the world know what your presenting rather a product service or even information. These are the ways to get traffic to your site. 

1. Get a website hosting and domain name
2. Find out what is your best service you can provide or something you're good at
3. Write about it on a regular
4. Monetize your site with Adsense or any other publisher's market
5. Use relevant keywords
6. Use Adwords tools to help with higher ranking in Google search


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