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Facebook policies are changing everyday! Although Facebook sites are addicting are they worth the troubles. Are you a Facebook slave? When you're logged into Facebook; it's seems like a pretty social site that seems innocent right, wrong! Your Facebook profiles are being monitor by your local protection departments. Your profile, status, likes, messages, photo, videos and etc... are under surveillance. 

While everyone else on Facebook are using false alias, and unique names, they question you. And everyone else on Facebook are goofing around, but Facebook decide to ask you about name confirmation. And you are just probably on there just to promote your business; and Facebook moderators harasses you. But you see all these crazy unique name still existing, how absurd. But how come the other millions of Facebook profiles doesn't undergo the same treatment, but you are asked for name verification. Kind of Racist or prejudice right; when you only on Facebook to promote your business. Why do Facebook do this? Well it could be many reasons, why Facebook does this to you and not no one else. Facebook will give many BS reasons why. Remember, Facebook is not private; it may seem private due to your preference settings, but they are accessible by your judgmental hierarchies. The local police or federal government have full access to your profile and will judge you by your profile activities and status posts to determine your socialistic positions. 

Facebook private policies will be the company's downfall! People hate that their profile is being compromise when the others are being intransigence. When facebook started in 2004 it was private and fun, nowadays that's not the case. Ever wanted to say something bad but in a nice way (indirect); everybody does it, jobs especially "we're impressed -but we still have others to interview- we will call you if anything".  Well facebook have mastered this, by manipulating your social intelligence with post distractions of what they think you should be interested in. They profit off your dysfunction, but mad when you profit off their platform. Really try free promoting your business with a different unique name constantly, best believe they will restrict you and make up some reason to do so. 

Stop signing in using facebook connect, because if facebook restricts you those other websites will restrict you too. Facebook will collect data of all your site activities and preferences with that 1 login button.  And to retain your password for those other sites; you will need to insert the email Facebook use to register in the website's lost password page to be release from Facebook connect.


Facebook use to be fun but now Facebook is so saturated and prejudice, that it's not anymore. If you are tired of Facebook policy schemes please leave, they are collecting data of you to judge you. When bad business take place move on to something better. Facebook act like they care about you, but they really don't. Facebook staffs just care about Facebook that's it so don't get mad when you become their lab victims. 


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