Wharton brutally prank by colleagues from nbacoinsbuy's blog

Yesterday's lottery, without incident, 76 people, buy nba 2k16 mt according to the probability of the size of the Lakers and Celtics won the champion, second place and third pick, respectively.

But before the ballot results came out, it was just not yet been formally appointed Lakers coach Luke - Wharton opened a little joke.

A staff member of the Warriors sent a text message to Wharton, said the Lakers able to get the fourth pick. Means that they be able to get the fourth pick in this year crop failure, because under the previous deal, the Lakers in Philadelphia,nba 2k16 buy mt where there is a protected first-round pick. If the Lakers fell out of the top three picks, then the pick will be given to 76 people.

Fortunately, just a prank, the Los Angeles Lakers will do so won one of the two best rookie this year, hopefully Wharton little heart has not received shock.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 19 '16



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