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The Lakers have fired coach Byron - Scott. nba coins for sale General manager Mitch Kupchak said the joint team boss, Vice President Jim - Bass will be "informal lunch" to meet with Scott.

According to ESPN's data, Scott coached the history of the playoff record less than 5 percent or less up.

ESPN's senior author Ramona Shelburne message that the Lakers next season and Scott's contract which has a team option (third and fourth year), which contains a record contract incentive clause, but in the past two seasons Scott coaching record is not ideal.

Scott's contract for next season is only partially guaranteed, need support in order to record into full protection. Lakers next season, he simply tells whether the implementation of this option team, the Lakers today to meet with Scott, notify the opposing team will not be executed.

Subsequently, myteam coins NBA official website correspondent Howard Scott-copper also follow up coverage of this issue. Scott coached the Lakers this season, 17 wins and 65 losses, 10 wins and only slightly better than the 76ers. This decision is not surprising, because the Lakers management has also not given Scott's future expectations disclosed at the end of the season.

Reported that the Warriors assistant Luke - Wharton promising replace Scott's position. Wharton made the Warriors this season as interim head coach during the amazing achievements, he was also a player the Lakers one.

Warriors said that they do not conflict with his assistant duties during the playoffs Wharton free to accept any team interview.

In fact, the Lakers from the start of the season in 2013 Bryant injured ligament reconstruction process has been turned on, in order to reduce the cap space after the end of the season, Howard leave. The summer of 2014, Paul - Gasol also gone to Chicago.

From the beginning of the season, Bryant has clearly downhill stage in his career, nba 2k15 mt but suffered two consecutive seasons tournament lead reimbursement season injuries this season, he participated in 66 games after retire.


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