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The first section of the play, Green first cover of the layup of Wits, followed by one-stop shot into the restricted area for the Warriors opened thenba 2k17 mt coins scoring record. But the Warriors start offensive feel smooth, Durant continuous blacksmith, when Della Zidi in this section 4 minutes left when the layup succeeded, the Heat to 20-11 lead. 5 in 0 after the vote, Durant awakened, he reached the restricted area to complete dunks, sounded the clarion call, with the Adu state warmer, Warriors attack recovery, they in the end of this section of 2 and a half minutes to play a Wave 12-2 offensive to chase the score 27 level. James - Johnson then buckle buckle library, the first section of Harding Park, the Heat to 29-27 lead.


Sub-section back, James - Johnson cut air layup, the Heat 31-27 lead. However, after that time, Green led the Warriors second team to play a wave of 13-0 offensive, Livingston hit a jumper, the Warriors to 40-31 lead. Heat toughness full, Whiteside buy nba 2k17 mt coins continuous labeled in the basket to help the team will be close difference, Taylor - Johnson in this section left 1 minute 25 seconds soared in the third, the Heat 49-48 go-ahead score. In the ensuing time, the formation of confrontation between the two teams, West 1.3 seconds before the end of this section sent a cross-field pass, Greene made two free throws after the foul, halftime, the Warriors to 53-54 behind.

After the start of the game, the Hornetscheap nba 2k17 mt coins use Harden is not the time of continuous chasing points in the game left 2 and a half hours and finally succeeded in wiping out 20 points difference and overtake a point. However, the scene of the fans did not face the slightest tension, because they clearly have a team who can save them.


Sure enough, after the suspension back, Harden first assists Ryan - Anderson hit the bottom corner of the third, helping the Rockets to complete the go-ahead; the next attack, he broke into the basket firmly hit layup, the points difference expanded to 4 points. Hornets did not surrender, Kempur - Walker is not unreasonable to pull three-pointers. However, Harden is also not hesitate to use their own signs of the European step Akira open defender, left-hand layup, the successful killing of the game.


The game Harden scored 40 points and 15 rebounds and 10 assists in the large triple-double, cut two consecutive games 40 + three pairs, Jordan, Maravich, Williams less after the NBA history to do this A little fourth man. The Rockets alsobuy nba 2k17 mt coins made the second nine-game winning streak of the season, winning only temporarily due to the gap in the western third. I believe the team has such a good leader, becoming the second western only a matter of time.

After the opening of the home team buy nba 2k17 mt coins a good situation, Mike hit third, they lead to 12-5, Hilde Biao in the long-range, Davis storm succeeded to stop bleeding for the team. The two sides then entered the tug of war, the score alternately rise, NOAA layup, Hilde and then in the long-range, pelican go-ahead. Anthony the first section of the state is good, but the thick eyebrow is obviously more popular. The first section before the end of the melon to complete the 2 +1 attack, the score freeze in 26-29, the Knicks behind.


Mo Younasi debut after a good performance, outside shot in the third, here Jennings continuous Biao in the long-range, 41-42. Davis then began a brutal insider rule, with 6 points led the team to play 8-0 impact. Bolt Zigis made two free throws, Anthony bottom line jumper, but Huo Le Di then a long shot in mind. Halftime, the pelican has control of the situation on the field, even though the last moment Jennings horse riding a raid layup, the visiting team is still 60-51 hand 9 points ahead.


Easy to fight the Knicks play the more bad, on the contrary obvious advantages of the pelican side, Davis jumper to hit the bottom line, Cunningham Biao in the third, 79-61. Anthony because want to whistle rage, challenge the referee,cheap nba 2k17 mt coins the results were sent to eat 2T sent off, followed by Okuyin also due to violent foul, was blowing two malicious foul, was also ejected. Less than 2 minutes with two players were punished, for the dying Knicks can be described as worse. After three kicks, pelicans to 91-66 far ahead, the basic lock victory.

Beijing January 8, Hawks away 97-82 victory over the Mavericks, winning six straight.Hawks in the deal with the Cavaliers get Mo - Williams and Mike - Dunleavy did not enter the game's active list.


Although sent away striker Kyle - Kyle Korver, nba 2k16 coins but Tim - Hardaway II and Dennis - Schroeder shot 13 times together shot eight three-pointers, including small Hardaway 3 in 8 5 to 22 audience Points in the past four games, three-point shooting rate of 65% (26 in 17).


"I think Little Hardaway is great," Hawks coach nba 2k17 vc account Mike - Bodeng Huoer Ze commented. "He has been playing well in recent years and is proving again tonight."


"The coach is telling me to be ready tonight," said Little Hardaway. "I feel good on shooting today, and everything we do is prepared for the nba 2k mt opportunity, and when it comes, all you have to do is grab him, and I think everybody has done it today.

On January 7, ESPN, the Celtics' Jay - Claude apologized for his remarks on Twitter, and he reiterated his hated home fans cheer for opponents.


In the previous game against the Jazz, nba 2k17 coins Celtic home fans before the game to the team potential signings Gordon - Hayward sent a warm cheer, which caused the same position to play Claude's discontent, he believes The fans lacked respect for him.


"Obviously, after the game I really very angry," Claude told reporters yesterday before training. "After the game I said what I had to say, I probably nba 2k17 mt coins should have dismissed it, but I still have a real feeling on Twitter, and I'm sorry about the controversy with the fans on Twitter, and that's how I feel now."


"Obviously, I do not want to leave Boston, I love this, the fans here are very good to me.This is no doubt," Claude went on to say. "But Ibuy nba 2k17 mt coins still think they cheer for Gordon - Hayward made me feel not respected.As a time to accompany the family out, full of basketball into the men in terms of, I still think so. "

January 6, according to Yahoo nba 2k mt correspondent Shams Charania reported that the Cavaliers and the Hawks are finalizing a deal, the Eagles will shoot the team Kyle - Kyle Korver sent to the Knights, but the Cavaliers will be Korver What is the chip to pay is still not clear.


Korver will be a free agent this summer, he shot five times outside the arc, the hit rate as high as 40.9%, due to JR need to be out for a fewnba 2k16 mt coins weeks of thumb surgery, so the Cavaliers in urgent need of two Position for the team to add firepower.


This season so far, Korver played a total of 32 times on behalf of the team, averaging 28 minutes in the playing time for the teamnba 2k16 coins can contribute 9.5 points 2.8 rebounds 2.3 assists.


January 5, the Thunder 112-123 loss to the Hornets encounter away two straight, Russell - Westbrook because the nba 2k16 mt coins ball hit the referee was whistled for a technical foul, after the game, Wei less again to the Apologized for smashing the referee.


The first section of 3 minutes and 13 seconds in a pause, Wei less intention to pass the ball to the bottom line referee, but notnba 2k mt the ball hit the head in the referee, Wei less quickly came forward to explain their intentions, but still received the season 10 Personal technical foul.


"I called his name, his body turned to me and then turned his eyes to another direction, I do not know why," Wei less explained. "I do not know what I can tell you, I really is not intentional, Moreover, I am not the  nba 2k16 coins kind of person, I will not in this way the ball hit the referee to blasphemy game, I have never done, I've never heard of it, because it 's crazy to be blown.


After being whistled for technical offense, the Williams less to vent the player channel after a return to the stadium, the audience contributed 33 points and 15 rebounds and 8 assists.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, according to San Francisco media reports, the Warriors plans to build a new home in San Francisco Chase Center nba 2k17 buy mt finally finalized the start date. Warriors announced today that the new arena will be held on January 18 ceremony, including team owner Joe - Lacob, Coach Kerr and players will participate in Durant and so on.


"We've been looking forward to seeing the new Arena since the beginning of the new arena, and we are excited to bring San Francisco City and the buy nba 2k17 mt coins entire Bay Area to a sporting and athletic complex," said Warriors President Rick Wilts in a statement. Entertainment center and the surrounding area will serve the community, we will continue to work hard, so fans here can enjoy watching NBA games, concerts, family performances and other projects.


Since buying Warriors in 2010, Joe - Lakb has been planning for the Warriors to build a new arena. According to the plan, Chase Center will be the first to put into use in the 19-20 season.

January 3, NBA regular season to continue, the Cavaliers vs. Pelican, the final knight to 90-82 victory over opponents.

Cavaliers Owen truce, the team one-third nba 2k16 mt coins of 31 shots in only 6, James 26 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Carrefour 19 5 12 points and 11 rebounds, Jefferson two pairs of 12 points and 12 rebounds.

Pelican team eyebrows brother two pairs of 20 points nba 2k mt and 17 rebounds and 3 blocks, Huo Leidi 11 points and 13 assists, Hild 20 points.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Utah Jazz point guard George Hill will be back in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers today, ESPN said on Dec. 30.


In the November 30 game against the Houston Rockets, nba 2k17 pc mt Hill for the left toe sprain and missed 13 consecutive games, before the right-handed thumb injury Hill had missed eight games.


In the 11 games for the Jazz, Hill can contribute 20 points and 4.2 assists, the team record of 8 wins and 3 losses per hundred rounds of attack can be a win-win opponents up to 14.3 points.


Currently, the Jazz to 19 wins and 13 losses record in the West ranked sixth, and the team started to experience different injuries, especially the three nba 2k17 vc account main Hill, Gordon - Hayward (finger fracture) and Derrick Phevos (knee bruise).


Season so far, the Jazz originally scheduled five starting time together only 12 minutes, and all from the November 7 victory over the New York Knicks game. In Hill, Hayward and Rudy - Gobel played in five games, the Jazz remain undefeated, a total of 70 points margin of victory opponents.

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