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Western Conference first-round series of the second game, buy nba 2k16 coins the Thunder Steven - Adams tipped lore invalid because of a timeout, the Mavericks Thunder home 84-85 Hanfu, the series is a large pull the score to 1-1.

Match, Kevin - Durant 21 points, but hit only 33 shots and 7 in mind, it is one-third of 11 shots 2, he missed 26 balls to create a personal playoff record, which tied the 1997 - Michael Jordan.

"Feel really bad tonight," Durant to blame. "I hope this does not happen, but it really is part of the reason for the failure of the team coach set a very good tactics, his teammates do the cover is in place, Westbrook pass is perfect. I take full responsibility, I will next game all these make up the ball. "

But still in the final moments Durant hit a key three points to help the team chase one point, but unfortunately failed last timeout Adams tipped lore win.

Teammate Russell - Westbrook Durant still strongly believe that, cheap nba 2k coins"He is the world's most powerful players will have a vote of no progress, when my job is to make him comfortable shooting the ball misses him... many simple goals, but I know Durant, I was with him for too long, this time probably will not happen again. "

Thunder coach Billy - Donovan also expressed understanding Durant feel bad, "I let him continue to shoot," Donovan said. "He is a player can rebound quickly."

Before the game there is a small episode, the Thunder Russell - Westbrook with teammates in the technical stage dancing, Mavericks Charlie - Charlie Villanueva and Justin - but Anderson blocked their line dancing, Westbrook will have two people away.

In the interview after the game, Westbrook said,cheap nba mt coins "this is not hit the ball on the people doing things."


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added Apr 21 '16



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