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NBA playoffs continue, the West never the second, cheap nba 2k16 mt coins Thunder 91-118 loss to the Warriors, with a total score of 1-1.

The campaign Durant scored 29 points, but 23 points are obtained in the first half, but the whole game down and he had eight turnovers. Westbrook had 16 points and 12 assists, but only 5 of 14 shots.

After the game talking about a lot of mistakes today, the frustration Durant said, "I have been mistakes, has been playing in the crowd, they sent three people to intercept me, I tried to pass well, maybe I should greet the three people direct shot. "

Curry beyond the arc in the third quarter caused a foul Durant,buy nba 2k16 coins Du also eat a technical foul, to give the opponent the opportunity of 4 free throws. While Durant immediately hit a fadeaway jumper, but Curry responded with a series of long shot.

Speaking Curry shots, Durant said, "He hit some difficult ball."

Section 31-19 Warriors played the climax, in one fell swoop laid the victory. Speaking wave flow in the third quarter, Thunder coach Donovan said. "They're really very, very energetic at both ends, so that we get a chance to Curry several open shots, we have to have to do in this regard better. I think they played very well today. "

Adams campaign with several opponents fierce confrontation, after the game he said he was all right, "I feel good, friends, there are a few bruises and bruises, but it does not matter." He said.

Next, the Thunder will return against the Warriors Oklahoma, Durant said, "We want to go back home, we can not relax, you are at home against the defensive players will be worse, because this is your home, you have confidence to win. we have to play the flame, we want to play their own characteristics in the home, to play better than in Auckland. "


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 19 '16



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