Warriors blitzed in the first section, victory over the Trail Blazers from nbacoinsbuy's blog

Thompson opening that is connected to the three-pointers,2k mt while the former Blazers 9 shot 1, the Warriors to recover the body running smoothly through rhythm play 18-4 start, Thompson 7 vote 5, scored 12 points. After Harkless launched into pointers for the Trail Blazers, Bogut continue to boost Warriors: He collusion Livingston throw pass empty then dunk show, followed by trying compartments buckle closure Pula sent Bromley.

The first paragraph after the holiday Barbosa Thompson and even three-pointers, the Warriors also completed a wave of 12-3 offensive will pull the score to 34-14. 5 vote total loss before the end of Lillard red basket to complete the three-point play, Thompson quickly answered with three-pointers. The first section of the Warriors 37-17 lead.

Thompson single 7 of 10 shots, scored 18 points, 4-7 three-pointers. Warriors 25 vote 15, the hit rate as high as 60%. Blazers 5 of 21 shots, hit rate of only 23.8%. Warriors 17-7 rebounds for the Blazers also formed an overwhelming advantage.

Times before the holiday segment Blazers' rotation formation confrontation chase points, Ed - Davis even after the 3 ball chase 30-41. Thompson Warriors advance to arrange back to the field with Bogut Bogut to Ed - Davis sent cover, pressing the Blazers comeback momentum. nba coins Warriors opened the score to 46-30.

Lillard back to the field launched into pointers, and red basket killer Bogut; several Blazers will be sent out to 10 points, also caused Bogut committed 3 games. Second paragraph after the holiday once Aminu pointers to help the Blazers will be sent out to the single digits. But Greene both small lineup for the Warriors to establish superiority in the confrontation, he did not even control offensive rebound rate Warriors re-opened the score 7-2, the Warriors 65-51 halftime lead.

Warriors still a big lead, but the second section 9 of 24 shots in the first quarter compared with the projected marked decline in efficiency, Thompson sub-section 6 voted 2 to get 4 points.

Into the third quarter, Bogut to join Green Warriors re-established inside edge, as the Blazers starting center Pula Bromley development to 0-6. More influential pioneer of the "guns misfiring": Lillard Development voted 2 to 14, Mike Durham 8 1 vote. Warriors pressed 10-0 offensive situation to build more than 20 points advantage.

Section III Warriors lead reached 26 points. Game Aspect turned to Green can get three pairs: The 3 and a half minutes left in the third quarter, Green data is 20 points and 10 rebounds and 9 assists.

The two sides still have anger! Henderson broke Varejao, nba 2k16 mt and fell before Varejao resorted to sweep Church leg, the two accused each other both received a technical foul. After the third segment is formed Blazers 12-3 counterattack, anger Nan Xiao Henderson had continued to work with the fate of Varejao verbal confrontation, both of whom received a second technical foul, were ejected. End of the three Warriors 93-73 lead. Thompson scored 11 points in the third quarter, a total of 33 points through three quarters.

Lillard connected to the distal anterior three-pointers, the Blazers will be sent out to 15 points. Warriors sake of security arrangements Thompson and Green back to the field. When the 3 and a half minutes left in the game sent the first Green 10 assists, three pairs of harvest. Thereafter Thompson enters this war first seven three-pointers. While Lillard in the distal alone cut 18 points, the Warriors eventually still 118-106 victory over the Trail Blazers.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 3 '16



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