What kind of team will Warriors become if they missed Green from nbacoinsbuy's blog

Of course, talking about the relationship between Curry and Green,myteam coins many people may think there is no presence of Curry, Green is just a mediocre player like no - Chris Paul, Tyson - Chandler, as well as the lack of history Steve - Nash - Amare Stoudemire. But no one really thought about missing Green Warriors will become a kind of team?

The regular season, Green missed a total of only one game, the results of the Warriors defeat in that game - away to the Nuggets 110-112 Hanfu, although that game Warriors lose points is not much, but on the scene Zhise really difficult to hide.

Some people only when you lose him when he realized that how important this sentence although it is slightly hypocritical,nba 2k17 coins but to talk about the Dream Warriors in action, it certainly appropriate.

Data as evidence (the regular season) - Green this season when present, every hundred rounds Warriors can get 118.8 points, and when he is not present every hundred rounds Warriors can only get 105 points;

Losing hand, when the presence of the Green Warriors of every hundred rounds into lost 100.5 points, and when he is not present, the Warriors lost every hundred rounds trying to shift as much as 112.3 points!

You could say he was big mouth, he said he played more tricks, but he brings to the team's beneficial effects but can never be denied. Green's success can be said that indicates the future trend of development alliance - the big players to have a more comprehensive skill, to be able to pass at the offensive end he can shoot, run and jump on the defensive end to buck-toothed, reasonable manner, dare to fight worldwide. But of course, Green was able to mediocre talent is so versatile, to some extent,nba 2k15 mt indeed rely on the system aura warrior, it is difficult to say he left the Warriors, leaving Curry and Thompson, etc. to force his teammates after what will make any performance.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 24 '16



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