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Curry plagued by injuries, nba 2k16 coins Thompson Warriors will undoubtedly become the most relied point of attack. In fact, his performance enough to make Curry ease wounds, first five games, Thompson is averaging 23.4 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists, three-point shooting as high as 44.2%, several figures are higher than the regular season, including the last two 7 three-pointers in each incident thoroughly defeated the Rockets.

Second round to face the biggest dark horse this season, the Blazers, Thompson still need to carry the team offensive banner at the library is not the case. Tonight's match first attack, Thompson would hit the third to give his opponent a blow. This is just the beginning of his crazy performances, followed by Thompson outside the ball beyond the arc in three strides from the position suddenly hands, hit called "logo shot" ultra-long three-pointers! At this moment, as if spray brothers combined together to destroy the opponent's confidence.

God soup is such a player, do not let him find touch, otherwise it will get out of hand. The next time, he hit after another in the cast, complete air cutting layup, three-pointers Biao drift ...... last 5 seconds of the first section, he again hit three-pointers, single scored 18 points!nba 2k16 mt coinsThat's more than the first section of the pioneers of the team in scoring (17 points). Warriors with 20 points and a huge lead end of this section of the contest, based game set the tone.

After the first section of a series of brilliant attack, Thompson feel declined, but before the halftime buzzer in the cast or a quasi Warriors firmly grasp the situation in the field.

Easy side battles, God still feel very hot soup, he has successively by means of a high quality cover Biao two three-pointers. End of this section, inside labeled as difficult to break God soup 2 + 1, then a single cut 11 points, the Warriors still lead 20 minutes into the fourth.

Distal game, the other Lillard short back feel, even into the two three-pointers to force the Warriors back into the main. Curry absent from Thompson organizations need to take on more tasks. After re-play, after his breakthrough clever back pass Bogut, who layup, the ball is also lovely. buy nba 2k16 mt coins 2 minutes left in the game, Thompson hit individuals in this field 7 three-pointers, and this is his third consecutive hit 7 three-pointers!

Match, Thompson scored 37 points set a career playoff high, wherein the first section had 18 points. Blazers need to think about how to defend Thompson, but this is easier said than done? To know less than half the 18 points he scored a single record.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 3 '16



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