Wharton: Jackson is my mentor there is not a telephone interview from nbacoinsbuy's blog

沃顿:禅师是我导师 未进行电话面试

After the news, the "Zen Master" - Phil Jackson has been with the Warriors assistant Luke - telephone contact Wharton, Wharton,nba 2k16 buy mt or will become the new coach of the Knicks. But Wharton said in an interview today, they are indeed on the phone, but the conversation has nothing to do with a job interview.

"Yes, I communicated with Phil, we often call, he was my mentor," Wharton said. "But this conversation has nothing to do with a job interview, is the ordinary just a chat between us." At the same time, Wharton said he was only interested in the current playoffs.

"To be honest, I only care about the playoffs. But you can not notify the owner before the end of the playoffs will not accept a job interview. I hope one day to as a coach, regardless of whether it is a year of next year or later, but now I love the work. "

Wharton led this season have been very good,cheap nba 2k coins Cole illness within this time recuperating at Wharton coach, the Warriors made a record of 39 wins and 4 losses, including start 24-game winning streak. Such a start, the Warriors finally got 73 wins, and laid a good foundation.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added Apr 21 '16



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