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James led the "Royal Corps" once again to attack the championship, nba mt coins they have now completed the first round of missions - today swept the Pistons advanced to the second round.

James did not "round trip" is concerned, this is his first 11 years in the playoffs, in these years he never had in the first round. Today James harvest playoffs 17 consecutive victories, and beyond in terms of career playoff rebounds history Pippen ranked 13th, Bryant steals beyond the first five ranks history.

James Wong this wonderful milestone night, swept qualify icing on the cake.

Today, James scored 22 points and 11 rebounds, six assists and comprehensive data, but show a stronger performance of Owen, got a game-high 31 points. This year's first-round series, more than James Owen demonstrated a desire to attack, scoring more than 19 points and James Wong.

I remember especially the finals last season G1, Owen was back to the locker room after the injury but unfortunately, such an important game but only back injury, cheap nba mt coins he was angry, angry wrestling jersey channel in the player. A strong return in the playoffs this year, he vowed again popped up one day.

Race to the third quarter last 3.3 seconds, the piston Harris hit a layup just equalized, after Owen got the ball quickly forward, then stood at the end of a single shot before the whistle logo area, the ball hit! According to statistics, from the hand of the ball to 41 feet (12.5 meters), it is the longest postseason.

Cornered piston still do not give up, the fourth quarter and 1 minute 08 seconds when, KCP hit three-pointers, points difference only 1 point. At this time Owen reproduction brave, his third player leash, the ball crashed network, Knight expand the lead.

Then Reggie dunk score again close, three-point shot Owen, although the Pistons grabbed the rebound, but the ball to Reggie time running out when the shot is not in the lore of the piston hope destroyed. Knight narrowly knocked out 4-0 piston.

With the gradual deepening of the playoffs, buy nba mt coins the Cavaliers also need to worry about a problem that Kevin - Carrefour state. Today, his 15 shots and hit only three times, the first half face T. Harris defense is 7 vote total loss.

Then Knight will get time to breathe, their next round opponent will be the winner between the Hawks and Celtics, the game play is intense and this group is currently 2-2.


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added Apr 27 '16



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