China Suning Group acquired the Serie A giants Inter Milan deal signed in June from dudu's blog

According to the "Gazzetta dello Sport" message, China Suning Group acquired the Serie A giants Inter Milan deal signed in June, the fastest, and the "Italian football" then broke the news that the two sides of the transaction to be authorized, the Chinese government, Chinese enterprises have become shareholders of Inter close at hand!

Earlier this week, the Italian "Gazzetta dello Sport" broke the news, Inter Milan boss Tuoxi Er positive and investors from China to negotiate, but it is interested in acquiring shares in Inter winter window thrown major acquisition Ramirez and especially Zerah Suning Group. Such news caused a great sensation, if the two sides reach a deal, then the Nerazzurri will receive 60 million -9000 million euro capital injection, while Suning will become an important shareholder of Inter.

"Gazzetta dello Sport" In today's follow-up report said that in the Inter loss last year of 140 million euros, the Tuoxi Er want to get new money as quickly as possible, in order to survive the current difficulties. Currently Tuoxi Er and Suning Group has basically settled the transaction, expected in June, the two sides will sign a formal agreement. Italian media said the Inter Suning Group is likely to acquire a 20% stake, including the acquisition of 14% stake in Tuoxi Er, Moratti acquired a 6% stake. Although Moratti previous position will not sell their shares in the hands, but also Tuoxi Er Plan B, once Moratti refused to sell the shares, then Tuoxi Er will sell cheap fifa 17 coins more of their own shares.

"Italian football" also pointed out that Inter and Suning Group's trading has been close to reaching, and the Chinese government is also about to authorize the deal. The Italian media that the current difficulties of the other parties to the transaction is that once the acquisition is completed, the administrative power of the distribution of Inter Milan, and Tuoxi Er willingness to give up their current understanding of the power.

October 2013, Tuoxi Er years from Inter Milan Moratti hands grasp the Nerazzurri bought 70% stake in Inter Milan Moratti retains 29% of the shares, the remaining 1% of the shares controlled by Pirelli boss Tron Katie's hands. Today, Suning will become the shareholders of Inter Milan, the impact of such an acquisition as much as Dalian Wanda acquisition of 20% stake in Atletico Madrid, after all, more wealthy States Mi Bima race heritage, in China also has more fans groups.


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