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The Protector’s Jubilee is Neverwinter’s big anniversary event, when the city is decked in bunting and confetti floats on the breeze. The game is now three years old, and it’s time to celebrate! The Jubilee event includes the usual activities plus some new features added this year. As before, Elminster has a host of tasks for players to undertake throughout the Sword Coast, and once again Lord Neverember plans to make a stirring speech while the city’s enemies threaten to disrupt his big moment. In addition, traveling merchants in several zones need to be escorted through danger to reach Neverwinter with their cargoes.

Taking part in the event earns players the Protector’s Bounty—packs of items including Protector’s Figurines, Renown, and more. Players can also share gifts with one another by raising a toast to Neverember’s generosity in the form of the Protector’s Hospitality. The more of each item players use, the better the rewards become. Players can earn temporary discounts in other stores, novelty items, and much more, all free while the event is running!

Guilds will also find traveling merchants coming to their Stronghold, who must be escorted safely through the surrounding lands. Guilds will have access to a series of temporary traders that can visit the Stronghold for 24 hours, providing valuable guild currencies for small contributions of wood, stone, metal, and food. There’s never been a better time to join a guild and help them grow.

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There are all kinds of free giveaways waiting for you as part of our three-year celebration of Neverwinter and more surprises around the corner! So join Lord Neverember, Elminster, and all your fellow adventurers in Protector’s Enclave when the festivities commence, and come and enjoy the third annual Protector’s Jubilee!


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