Zen is the only currency in Neverwinter Zen Market from dudu's blog

With Zen! The only currency that can enter the system is ZEN from players that spend money. It is not exploitable, because nothing is generated out of thin air.

If you want something from the ZEN market you can either spend money and buy it or you have the option to play the game. Get some nice loot and sell it for profit in the AH. Now you have the ZEN to purchase items from the ZEN market. Of course it is very important that therThe neverwinter power leveling these stores offer is both reliable and safe. So, the question comes. How to choose a better one from so many similar stores? Where to buy the cheapest buy astral diamonds for PC and XBOX ONE?e are offers in the AH that are considered as desirable for a player or this system won’t work.

That is also the reason for the rework of the loot system. There must be a guaranteed drop from the boss at the end of the dungeon. As seen in the picture, dungeons are dropping parts. This is similar to Module 2 where Malabog could drop epic weapon parts. You needed the three different ones to produce a full (and BIS) weapon with your Weaponsmithing or Artificing profession. My system does exactly the same. You need the matching parts to produce weapons, gloves, shoes, belts, etc. Since you now have multiple sets of weapon, armor, etc. there are a lot of parts that can drop. So it is kinda important to sort out which sets drop in which dungeon and skirmish.


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By dudu
Added Jun 20 '16


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