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Getting close to 36,000 rough Astral Diamonds per main is not as hard after all. Two dungeons and two skirmishes add up to 31,500 RADs for the dailies and salvage, assuming you’re using campaign keys for both dungeons. The weeklies average 3,850 ADs per day (27,000 ADs / 7 days) and the rest to the cap can be obtained by invoking. You can then move to the next character or continue to farm surplus salvage, depending on what you personallOur store adopts PayPal and Moneybook as the payment methods. Customers can choose a convenient way to pay. In the process of payment, we can ensure that customers' personal financial information will not be disclosed. And the PaySafeCard also is the best choice to purchase buy neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds service in our store.y find more effective. On ALTs leveling dungeons should beat other activities, but unless they own at least basic rare equipment and enchantments (item level of 2,000) I don’t think it’s worth doing more.


If you’re after surplus salvage to transfer to ALTs, you will find contrary opinions on what to run. Some people prefer farming Shores of Tuern because it’s quick and easy. Others do Lostmauth, Temple of the Spider or even Castle Never because each boss can drop additional salvageable gear. The optimal choice depends on your own item level, class and what you are personally most comfortable with.


Funnily salvage and RADs may be the only mechanic that’s virtually uncapped although it is designed as a hard cap. Add that you lose little effectivity over a gameplay session and it’s the best task to run to obtain ADs.


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By dudu
Added Jun 20 '16


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