Neverwinter ZEN Market holds almost any valuable item from dudu's blog

As you can see the ZEN Market holds almost any valuable item. Of course a lot of items bind on equip and can be sold on the auction house. This way they transfer to the Astral Diamond Market, but their origin is still the ZEN Market. To get these items somebody must have spent money. As the ZAX rises it also devalues our earned Astral Diamonds: A really crappy system!

A last example of the current system and how broken it is and then we will move on to a solution. Coalescent Wards are only obtainable in the ZEN Market. You can get them as a reward from invocation, but the drop rate is less than 3% and it takes 6 to 11+ days for a chance. To upgrade Weapon and Armor Enchantments to Transcendent we need 34 Coalescent Wards, which would currently cost 34,000 ZEN or 320$ or 17,Where to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamond for XBOX-Dragon online? Which site is best to get neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds for sale? How to earn Astarl Diamonds fast on XBOX? Come to! It is the best site for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and Neverwinter Gold cheap and safe, best guides and cheapest xbox price makes you enjoy the game.000,000 AD at the current ZAX. This translates into 473 days of refining ADs without a break and without spending your ADs for other items. Only the Coalescent Wards. Crazy!


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By dudu
Added Jun 20 '16


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