Neverwinter The Protector's Jubilee from dudu's blog

It’s that time again, when Neverwinter celebrates another year of not being razed to the ground by rampaging orcs, torched by marauding dragons, or devoured by hungry demons!

The Protector’s Jubilee will begin on Thursday, June 16 at 7AM PT (or after maintenance)

The Protector’s Jubilee will end on Our store adopts PayPal and Moneybook as the payment methods. Customers can choose a convenient way to pay. In the process of payment, we can ensure that customers' personal financial information will not be disclosed. And the PaySafeCard also is the best choice to purchase buy neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds service in our store.Thursday, June 23 at 10AM PT (the event store will be available at the dais for a few days afterwards)

In celebration of this year’s Jubilee, Lord Neverember has announced sweeping cuts in trade tariffs for merchants coming to deal in Neverwinter. As a result, traders from far and wide are making their way to the city to ply their wares. Of course, the Sword Coast is a dangerous place, and these traders need the help of brave adventurers to make it safely to Neverwinter. Blacklake, Ebon Downs, and Whispering Caverns are rumored to be pretty dangerous. Look for some to also attempt deliveries to your Stronghold if you’re in a guild.


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By dudu
Added Jun 20 '16


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