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Data and Information Center, according to ESPN reports, the Knights did, LeBron - James did, O'Brien Cup history, the first name engraved Cleveland, while James is how to create history?

The ball hit the winning person is not James, but he make every effort to promote the sport in the history of Cleveland completed one of the greatest reversal, and they beat in the finals is to create the best regular season record in the league Gold state Warriors, they are also the first team in NBA history to complete the 1-3 reversal of the team in the finals.

James is how to do?

In simple terms, James did everything.

Among all the players in two teams, James in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and blocks of data are in the first place, according to "Elias Sports Bureau" Statistics, James was the first in NBA history to accomplish this in the playoffs miracles players, including all playoff rounds, and no matter how many games to play series.

In the finals the fifth war, sixth and seventh war battle, James took a total of 109 points, all behind 1-3 and the reversal of the team, ranked first in the last three games, James total score. Tiebreak James scored 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in NBA history three players scored a triple-double in the seventh game, the other two are the 1969 Jerry - West and 1988 James - Worthy.

James scoring and assists through personal contributions Cleveland in the finals score of 50%, ranking second in the finals of their career, last year in the absence of Owen and Carrefour, the scoring and assists by James Knight contributed 62% score.

In the tiebreak, James contributed by scoring and assists Cavaliers 93 points in 52 points, including the fourth quarter Knights team get 18 points, and James accounted for about 13 minutes.

In the four games before the finals, James contributed by scoring or assists Cavaliers 45% score. In the last three games, this figure rises to 57%, all the Knights win.

In this year's playoffs, James shot in the paint accounted for 59% of the personal number of shots, the highest proportion of their first career. In the finals, James shot inside the proportion rose to 60%, the seventh game of James Wong shot inside 7 9.

Last year, Andre Iguodala won FMVP, because of his effective defense for James last season, "Big Brother" will limit the James shooting to 35 percent. This year, James defensive when faced with Andre Iguodala shot 54%, and the limit on the defensive end James Warriors player's shooting percentage to 36%, in the face of James's defense, alignment of Warriors a total shot 58 times, hit 21 balls, James' team defensive efficiency of the column first.

Curry face James Wong 7 1, Klein - Thompson 6, 2, in the crucial sixth game, the Warriors shot seven times in the face of James defense, without a hit.

James converted defensive CCP sent seven blocks, including the seventh game of 1 minute left iAmong the cheap fifa points websites, is the one that can always make their customers happy with low price, quick delivery and the top fifa coins service. The site has been concentrated on providing the very best buy fifa 17 coins service.n the fourth quarter that sealed record 50 seconds 盖伊戈达拉 a key ball. James excellent defense forced 14 turnovers warrior appeared, tied for first.

This is James his third championship trophy, James, Michael Jordan, Bill - Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is at least three times to get all the championships and four regular season MVP player.


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By dudu
Added Jun 21 '16


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