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Oklahoma City Thunder at home to 112-79 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers buy nba 2k16 mt. Thunder headed star Kevin - Durant played 27 minutes, shot 11 of 18, scored 34 points efficiently, plus five rebounds and three assists.

Last season, Durant suffered foot problems, played a total of only 27 games. At that time there are some pessimists believe that this is likely to become a major turning point in Durant career. But after rest and adjust, Durant strong comeback this season.

Up to now, Durant this season, averaging 28.1 points (third in the league), plus 8.2 rebounds and five assists, shooting percentage and three-point shooting rate of 50.4% and 38.3%, respectively. Only from these data, Durant's performance is not inferior to that he won the MVP that season.

Today, Durant and Kobe Bryant's last fight. As we all know, Durant and Kobe Bryant of personal relationships is very good, Adu has been regarded as the Kobe brother and mentor. Durant and Kobe Bryant also value, and often give him guidance and advice. Before the game started, Durant recalled in an interview a nba 2k17 mt Bryant efforts to train story. Hear it, affect Bryant Durant's career is very large.


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By dudu
Added Apr 12 '16


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