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Looking for players willing to Blade and Soul gold website trade 1,000 faction kills for the Double Agent title

I and some friends, are looking for players willing to trade 1,000 faction kills for the Double Agent title. We are part of a Cerulean guild, but will be starting the game as Crimson so that we can avoid the waiting period if we started as Cerulean, switched to Crimson, and then tried to switch back to Cerulean. Also, we believe it is best to do Blade and Soul gold website this particular achievement ASAP because it will reset your faction rank upon switching factions.


This will be at an agreed upon time after we reach 45, though others are free to join at any level they wish. So far there are 3 of us and we'll open this up to 9 other people. The benefit of Blade and Soul gold website doing it in a party of 6 is that each kill will be credited to everyone in the party.

Server: Mushin


Slot 1-A: Crimson

Slot 2-A: Crimson

Slot 3-A: Crimson

Slot 4-A: Crimson

Slot 5-A: Crimson

Slot 6-A: Crimson


Slot 1-B: Cerulean

Slot 2-B: Cerulean

Slot 3-B: Cerulean

Slot 4-B: Cerulean

Slot 5-B: Open

Slot 6-B: Open


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By dudu
Added May 17 '16


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