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Wooden model board, the real life Chinese style in us is very common, on park canal, water corridor waits a lot of communal circumstances a moment we can see, it has very good adornment effect not only, and stability is very good. Model of wood of picture of floor of sitting room wood board, often be applied by people door of stool of our floor, chair, furniture piece wait a moment make, from here we can see, wooden model board very common still in our life, although heat up such, I think great master to wood the understanding of model board also is not very comprehensive for certain.

So, small today make up take everybody to see these use so extensive wood model together board, what is seeing it after all, it in the market price case how. Wooden model board the plank of the model that it is wood that says again, its fundamental material is lumber, be by thermoplastic high polymer, processing aid and lumber mix each other even later, put it into the mould again undertake heating handling inside equipment, the material of the environmental protection of a kind of high-tech art that squash and becomes, it is a kind of new-style composite material, have stock at the same time plastic with lumber the characteristic of two kinds of material is mixed function.

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By qizhenapp
Added Dec 15 '16


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