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Wooden model board, the real life Chinese style in us is very common, on park canal, water corridor waits a lot of communal circumstances a moment we can see, it has very good adornment effect not only, and stability is very good. Model of wood of picture of floor of sitting room wood board, often be applied by people door of stool of our floor, chair, furniture piece wait a moment make, from here we can see, wooden model board very common still in our life, although heat up such, I think great master to wood the understanding of model board also is not very comprehensive for certain.

So, small today make up take everybody to see these use so extensive wood model together board, what is seeing it after all, it in the market price case how. Wooden model board the plank of the model that it is wood that says again, its fundamental material is lumber, be by thermoplastic high polymer, processing aid and lumber mix each other even later, put it into the mould again undertake heating handling inside equipment, the material of the environmental protection of a kind of high-tech art that squash and becomes, it is a kind of new-style composite material, have stock at the same time plastic with lumber the characteristic of two kinds of material is mixed function.

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fluctuate. Second hand housing renovation costs second-hand housing bathrooms renovation should pay attention to the bathroom lighting, ventilation, ventilation, etc., for the transformation of the cost of this piece, can not save the province, which is related to

the day after the living quality. Want to know more about the renovation costs or offer knowledge, please visit the renovation budget and quotation.Go out with a bag, has become a habit of people's life, whether it is work or shopping, always see people in the

hands of the bag. Prone to dust and dirt bag after a period of time, so how to clean the dirt bag? Different materials have different skin cleaning methods, here we take a look at the cleaning method of all kinds of leather. Methods the bag cleaning method: can

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What wear-resisting layer uses is 3 oxidation agent of 2 aluminium wear-resisting, thicker wear-resisting revolution jumps over ply tall. Cere layer can prevent water element to take base material, it is a double deck sealed defend. Waterproof layer basically is to prevent moisture to be entered from tongue-and-groove and groovy tenon. Environmental protection layer is the junior travel in cere layer construction, prevent harmful material to diffuse, let indoor environment do not get pollution.

Waterproof balance layer applies candle to seal a technology, let ministry of inside and outside achieve a balance. Quiet tone layer can reduce the noise that gives out when trample, it is applied 3 get together hydrogenous ammonia solution, will imprint after the special paper that has pattern immerses, reentry heats craft, next stickup in floor surface.

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From consideration of environmental protection angle, real wood floor should compare compound floor better. Because the foot of real wood floor feels very good, walk to feel very thick, won't empty in that way like compound floor. Want the quality that according to its the respect such as scar of grain, color, crack, section inspects real wood floor integratedly commonly so.

Still having is floor of real wood of choose and buy, need attention, want the ground condition of mature bedroom, for example illumination, dry humidity is waited a moment, of course, nature of different local moisture content also is different, had better be the floor that comparatives according to conditional choice moisture content of place, in order to ensure the service life of the floor.

The installation technology demand of aggrandizement wood floor is very high, if again good product does not have good installation technology, won't achieve satisfactory result likewise.The installation technology demand of aggrandizement wood floor is very high, if again good product does not have good installation technology, won't achieve satisfactory result likewise.

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Pay close attention to colour, wooden floor still has a main index is hardness. The floor board with taller hardness should choose when choosing a floor board, better floor quality is a few higher also, conversely, the floor quality with inferior hardness remains to consider. Some floors can be put in crack, we also should pay close attention to, a few medium, cheap floors are put in fair crack, but what we need to notice is crack do not answer too big. Between the grain that some crack produce Yu Mu material, this kind of crack won't be outspread;

But some crack are penetrable grain, this kind of crack criterion will be outspread, the use meeting after be opposite produces very big negative effect, because ten million of this kind of floor cannot be bought. Above when besides, small make up think in the choose and buy the density that we notice pair of floors even when indoor floor, plain top is worth, formaldehyde releases a quantity to have observation and knowledge, the mainest of course professional brand that still should choose to have reputation or manufacturer just is most let a person be at ease.

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Wooden floor has different specifications on model, decorate the effect also won't same. We should consider the collocation of the size of furniture and wooden floor when the choose and buy, let them present a best one side. Picture of bedroom wood floor 1, real wood floor is commonly used floor of norms real wood is lumber classics drying, the area that forms after treatment decorates material. It has decorative pattern nature, the foot feels comfortable, use safe characteristic, it is face of and other places of bedroom, sitting room, study the good stuff that decorate.

Its material is a lot of more qualitative, common capable person has character: Oak, northeast china ash, maple and oak wood, cherry wood, the capable person that also the rare and precious tree such as wood of Hua Limu, rosewood is planted is planted. Ply of level of real wood floor is 18mm, but there also is popularity to wait for ply under 18mm and 22mm on the market. Generally speaking, the ply of real wood floor and stability become direct ratio, it is namely inside certain level, real wood floor is thicker, stability is better, the foot feels more comfortable also.

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Material is qualitative different, method of choose and buy is different also, buy under place the website is encyclopedia of choose and buy of everybody introduction floor, see cork, real wood accord with method of floor choose and buy, how people go looking together. Encyclopedia of choose and buy of floor of picture of floor of sitting room wood sees cork, real wood accord with method of floor choose and buy: Method of choose and buy of real wood floor?

1, the wooden floor after the precision of observation floor opens box takes out 10 or so, bare-handed go all out install, the tongue-and-groove that watchs a floor board bites a mouth, spell outfit clearance, and the height between the floor of photograph adjacent is poor. 2, blemish of examination base material observes the floor is sectional, see plank grain confused; Whether does the examination have dead section, lively part, craze, decayed, bacterium to change wait for blemish. Because real wood floor is natural wood. Go up objectively existence chromatism and inhomogenous phenomenon, need not care about off color overly.

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