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Wooden floor has different specifications on model, decorate the effect also won't same. We should consider the collocation of the size of furniture and wooden floor when the choose and buy, let them present a best one side. Picture of bedroom wood floor 1, real wood floor is commonly used floor of norms real wood is lumber classics drying, the area that forms after treatment decorates material. It has decorative pattern nature, the foot feels comfortable, use safe characteristic, it is face of and other places of bedroom, sitting room, study the good stuff that decorate.

Its material is a lot of more qualitative, common capable person has character: Oak, northeast china ash, maple and oak wood, cherry wood, the capable person that also the rare and precious tree such as wood of Hua Limu, rosewood is planted is planted. Ply of level of real wood floor is 18mm, but there also is popularity to wait for ply under 18mm and 22mm on the market. Generally speaking, the ply of real wood floor and stability become direct ratio, it is namely inside certain level, real wood floor is thicker, stability is better, the foot feels more comfortable also.

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By qizhenapp
Added Dec 5 '16


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