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In the second round of the 2008 NBA Draft, the Chicagoers took off Madden Coins Volt who graduated from Tulane University. As the second-best running back in the history of the Bears team, Volt has delivered an impressive 8602-yard ball advancement and 4116-yard ball advancement.

After leaving the Bears at the end of the 2015-16 season, Forte kept a record of the highest total propulsion numbers in the league since 2008.

In the Bears' team history, Forte's ground propulsion yards, total number of propulsion yards (12718 yards), number of pick-ups (487), and number of yards per field (24 games) rank only in celebrities. Walter Paton, who is a member of the church, ranks second in history. At the same time, he ranked third in the history of the team with 64 total touchdowns; his total catch yardage also ranked sixth in the history of the team. In the 2014-15 season, Fuerte also created a new high for the NFL back-to-back season with 102 passes.

Forte spent the last two seasons of his personal NFL career with the New York Jets.

The Borussia Dortmund official announced that FIFA Coins in the match with Schalke 04, Basuccia suffered an ankle injury and was reimbursed for the season. But he should be able to catch up with the World Cup.

Bashujai also wrote on his personal tweet: "This is not good news. My season may be over early. I can't pay back the kind of confidence Dortmund has given me. I received a lot of fans since yesterday. 

Thank you for your message. I wish my teammates are doing well in the last few days. Goodbye."

According to the information from the players, the current Frankfurt coach Kovacs has informed the team chairman on Thursday that he will leave the team at the end of FIFA Coins the season. It is said that the Croatians will sign the two-year contract with Bayern.

The Kovacs, 46, and Frankfurt have one year of contract. However, there is a special clause in his contract: Once Bayern and the two foreign clubs that are not yet known have issued a call to him, he will have the right to terminate the contract with a penalty of 2.2 million euros.

This means that Bayern can start a penalty for taking Kovacs to Allianz without the consent of Frankfurt.

As the team captain Henderson accumulated a FIFA Coins yellow card banned, Milner played the captain as the captain full 90 minutes. After the game, he explained how they had adjusted at halftime. When he said he entered the lounge, the Red Army soldiers knew very well that they needed to be more proactive in the second half.

Speaking of Liverpool's adjustments at halftime, Milner replied, "We obviously want to improve our performance. We oppressed not enough and did not put pressure on our opponents. It was the entire ball. The team's business was with everyone, so I believe we did it in the second half and launched more offensives against our opponents. Our possessions improved slightly and we were calmer on several occasions. But we once again established a solid line of defense. And that's the key to our final victory, and it's the performance that you have to play when you meet a strong team like Manchester City."

"At the time (we were playing a bit nervous in the first half), Manchester City was a very good team, and they always put you under pressure. We know this well. We can't throw in the towel, we need to play more." In front of you, put more pressure on your opponent - if you give a good number of good players the time to calmly control the ball, then they will hurt you and they will create their own opportunities, but I think that our performance proves that we are The second half played very actively, attacked again, kicked out excellent performance and got the desired result."

Although Liverpool eliminated the Premier League leader in the Champions League, Milner still upheld his usual low-key attitude. He stressed that the Red Army needs to learn lessons from two rounds of confrontation with Manchester City. The midfielder continued: "We still need to improve our performance. We need to learn from these two rounds of confrontation. But I believe everyone knows how good Manchester City is, so they can defeat them in two consecutive games. The self-confidence for us is a great improvement, which proves that we are also a very good team.

The Lakers beat the Spurs 122-112 at NBA Live Coins home today. The Lakers coach Luke Wharton accepted an interview with the media and spoke of veteran Channing Frye.

Frye performed well today. He played a total of 26 minutes in the game, scoring 9 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist in 8 shots.

"He's very important to us," Wharton said. "When he's on the court, he'll keep talking to his teammates. That's the role of the veteran on the court."

"Sometimes he will talk nonsense, but on the court this is a good thing, because he has been shouting and interacting with his teammates to help and cover, which will make the game simple."

"I said before, it would be easier to give up and start planning for the summer," Wharton said. "But that is not something we have to do as a whole. It takes volition to play hard, especially at the end of the season."

In this round of the league, Arsenal beat FIFA Coins Stoke City 3-0. After the game, Henry thought that it was the presence of Lacazette that changed the situation.

He said: "For me, I think he changed the game. When Obumei Yang went to the left, and Lacazette was on the 9th, he began to do what the No. 9 player should do. "

"After running back, there is still a goal to make a connection with the midfielder. This is the origin of the penalty. His cooperation with Ozil created that penalty."

"He started to look like we have been looking forward to, and he knows how to run. And after Ombmeyan went to the left, he also got his own chance."

"For me, when Lacazette came on the court, he changed the game."

According to the Italian media "All Markets" report, AC Milan's director Mirabelli said in an interview with RMC that Gattuso will become the world's top coach.

"I said a few months ago that I hope to see Gattuso coach Milan one day." Mirabelli said: "He is a workaholic and can provide a lot of help to those around him."

When asked if the first round of the season was Gattuso coaching Milan instead of Monterrat, what would happen? Mirabelli did not answer directly, he said: "It takes time to judge. At that time we had Montella but we did not develop as we thought. I have to say that Gattuso took over Milan and faced many difficulties. , but we believe in the quality of Gattuso."

Mirabelli said: "Gattuso is very good. He is only 40 years old. He has very good judgment. His ability to understand and manage is also very good. For me, he will become the world's top coach. ”

According to Fox Sports North, after losing to the Grizzlies at home today, Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau said that the team needs to be tough in today’s understaffed conditions.

"We dropped a lot of balls today and let the opponents score 15 three-pointers. Today's game is full of physical confrontation and we don't respond very well to this," Thibodeau said.

When talking about the team’s 11 points in the fourth quarter, Thibodeau said: “We didn’t play well in the fourth quarter. We were looking for an offensive rhythm NBA Live Coins throughout the game. We need players to stand up, but Nobody stood up today, so our scoring is very difficult."

"The opponent center Marc Gasol played great today. He led the team as usual. We gave the opponent enough confidence in the fourth quarter. We can't do this. And, today's game is very confrontational. The rhythm is very slow, but you have to learn to adapt to different styles of matches. If we feel that our offense is fouled and the referee does not have a whistle, we should attack the rim more aggressively so that the referee will always give us Whistle."

"Jeff Teague and Thai Gibson have brought us toughness, but we need the rest of the team to be able to do it too. We have a shortage of manpower now, and we need more toughness and skill to win the game." Thibodeau Said.

In this game, Gibson had 18 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks, and Teague got 25 points, 2 rebounds and 7 assists.

After this game, the Timberwolves' record reached 42 wins and 33 losses.

Seville midfielder Nzongzi talked about Barcelona FIFA Coins midfielder Busquets in an interview and stated that Busquets is the best in the world in his position.

"I really like Busquets' performance. He is full of wisdom in the game, his selection and passing are the same, and he basically does not lose the ball. I think he is the best player in this position."

Nzongzi revealed that he was the fan of Barcelona with Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta: "When I was still young, the then Barcelona gave me a feeling of dreaming. When I played with them At that time, it felt completely like another football."

He also mentioned his fellow Gryzman, the French forward may be transferred to Barcelona next season. "He is a great player who is at the top. It's just amazing."

In the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, Chelsea made FIFA Coins a hard cut. Conti's substitutions determined the outcome of the game. Pedro made a final decision and helped Chelsea deliver a lore. Conti's Blues were able to qualify for two consecutive seasons. Semifinals.

In the face of Leicester City, Chelsea experienced a bitter fight. Although Morata broke in the 42nd minute, Valdi helped Leicester City equalize in the game. Both sides played 1-1 in 90 minutes. The score can only continue to play in overtime. However, Conte's men had more good cards, William and Giroud played off the bench. As a result, the Italians changed the knife to determine the game.

In the 105th minute of the extra time, Kanter sent a pass. Pedro in the penalty area jumped under the attack of two tall defenders and actually completed a magical break. In his past 10 FA Cup matches, Pedro made 8 goals, including 6 goals and 2 assists, playing very brave.

However, Conti must still admire the substitutions, after all, William has been Chelsea's thigh in the near future, also assisting Morata scoring in the first half. However, the Italians made great efforts to allow the Sabre to appear. As a result, the Spaniards continued to score a crucial goal in the game.

An interesting data is that in the past three times Chelsea eliminated Leicester City in the FA Cup, the Blues have always been able to win the championship. Before 1997, 2000 and 2012, this must have been achieved, so this A Chelsea away victory over the Fox Corps is also a good signal.

Of course, Chelsea's challenge in the FA Cup is not small, after all, Manchester United and Tottenham have also been aimed at the FA Cup champion, Conti want to win the championship still need to work hard.

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