Some tips that should help you obtain more aion gold Kinah from rs2367gold's blog

Profit from Extraction: You can buy extraction tools in town, that let you break down vipaionkinah items into enchantment stones. To make a profit, the cost of the item you are about to extract from, must be less than the value of the stones extracted. This works out best with unique-grade gear.

Make a Mule: A mule is another character on your account, who's only purpose is to hold items and use the Auction House. Since you can only place 10 items at a time a mule, or mules even, can be very useful to place more items on the broker. Remember that you need to get your mule to level 10 before they can use the Auction House, so it may be worthwhile leveling a class you may use in the future.

White Items - Buy Low, Sell High: You should monitor the auction house for items that have buy aion kinahbe placed at a lower price than usual, so that you can buy cheap and sell high. Also, there are many cheap white items for sale on the AH. The price of these items are sometimes lower than the the price that the npc vendor buy them for, so allways keep an eye out for these bargains.


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By rs2367gold
Added Mar 21 '16


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