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Sina Runescape zone is RS official website of the cooperation area, released the latest Runescape 5.0 Panda Man of Mystery News, Runescape, a copy of the Raiders, the Runescape video, RS career Raiders, provide RS client download, RS patch download, Runescape plug-in download. 1, was the convener of a month prepaid card, called friends convener can get 30 days of free time, if the prepaid card convener two months, convener will also receive zebra RS 07 Gold mount 2, is convener can have free 14 days 30 hours of game time. 3, as long as the convener and the convener in the range of 100 yards, you can enjoy three times the experience of reward quick upgrade! The award in the United States serving 60 or less are valid, the service station is not specifically described. US service players concluded that recommendation and is recommended together by doing the task to upgrade to 60 only need 15 hours of game time. 4, Convenor and the convener can call each other the other side to side, this skill one hour each CD, that is 2 times per hour. US service effective 90 days this skill, unspecified service station. 5, there is a US service there, but the service station official website did not mention the function, is convener if the level is higher than convener, convener can directly enhance the level of 60 or less! Get a promotion every two chance, that is to say a total of 30 promotion. After these features in recruiting and recruited people account coupling effective 90 days after 90 days there is no note, in this training within 90 days of all roles enjoy these benefits. (Mounts and achievements are permanent) That the United States serving European clothing Friends recruit (Recruit A Friend) officially entered the service station, function exactly the same. While also opening up the service station monthly card buy one get one activity, buy one get one monthly card novice Event Description: service station finally angry!

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By rs2367gold
Added Mar 15 '16


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