10 Ulduar team Rong Yaocheng on detailed Raiders from rs2367gold's blog

Chinese because there is no such information, some of the achievements of the translation I use the service station's database. Ulduar achievements expert team compared almost crazy difficulty 25 people, 10 people team ace achievement is not so unattainable, RS 07 Gold with some accumulation of equipment and effort, I believe many people can complete. I wish you a speedy get the rust Yuanlong 310 percent speed. Flame Leviathan ring rail obituary notice difficulty: 9 stars in retention ring rail under four state defense system to defeat Flame Leviathan. Each left a ring rail system will increase defense Flame Leviathan 50% of the value of life, it awarded a special skill and an additional BUFF. Frost left column will slow down the movement speed of the vehicle 20 percent of players, Flame Leviathan will use Chodil anger, refresh the field in three directions random fast-moving beam, every 10 seconds a beam of light snow will fall block, blocks of snow hit by vehicles will be frozen, unable to do anything and continued DOT 1 minute, you can use a motorcycle with catapults flame tar solution, but ten people pattern on that a couple of cars, distraction out save almost equal to off, so be sure not in; leave the flame tower will increase 50% fire damage, car break siege must be fast, in addition to Flame Leviathan will randomly use Mimi's Hellfire summon a pillar of fire then slowly moved along a straight line, leaving behind a huge eruption similar to a furnace fire lord, will step up to withstand great harm, after the pillar of fire would break to the touch wall


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By rs2367gold
Added Feb 26 '16


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