Panda and Shaohao all reflect the essence of human nature from rs2367gold's blog

though loving, doing things behind their reasons, but they also have their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, the whole story is like a fable-like, people will have his imperfect and flawed. This ancient force has nothing to do, these emotions pulled out from the Deadman Gold body Shaohao become can be exploited, distorted evil, was used by the ancient gods. Q: 'Doubt evil' Animation game descriptions and task descriptions differ? Game Description Monkey King is making a mask, to help Shaohao expelled evil, then seal on the inside, but in the movie Monkey China and the US is being blown away, almost into a mantis people's food, etc.? In the course of Shaohao whether these evil appears more than once led to such results? Micky: There are two reasons, one is the part about the story spread, and the other is with the film production. After the story, the emperor Shaohao how evil and how to repel the evil produce this, he was already a legend in terms of today, but there will be a variety of different interpretations versions spread long after the legend, like other legends for a long time, each family will have a different interpretation, it happened tha has a different story inside. Doug: Why Shaohao produce evil against it, the film is presented to Emperor Shao Hao experienced personal inner journey, evil represented by negative emotions such as anger, doubt, despair, etc., is the human mind will go through the process, if evil Shaohao sent out from the inner emotions, it would be more able to like yourself fighting with heart, rather than face the external enemy. Micky: If a movie wearing a mask, then reproducibility on the screen is too high, it does not look would be so interesting.

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By rs2367gold
Added Feb 26 '16


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