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Bryant's farewell tour coming to an end, in this trip, a lot of fans, players and teams have expressed their respect in different ways. But Bryant said,nba 2k16 vc since he was the most special one was a banquet during All-Star Weekend.

Star weekend in February this year - Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony - and German ex - Wade invited Bryant and his wife Vanessa attended a private party at the banquet, three of them are sent on his own gift. In these "carefully selected" in the gift, old reading glasses, crutches, trimmed with gold "Black Mamba" dress, underwear, a TV remote control, tight leg socks, denture adhesives and hemorrhoid cream. In addition, Bryant also received a bottle of 1996 vintage Italian wine, Bryant came into the league that year.

"They gave me these gifts personally, I will use on." Bryant said, laughing.

However, the most moving is Paul Bryant, Wade and Anthony Bryant turns on stage to toast, and about their impact on Bryant.

"I think our careers have in common, is hoping to win his respect." Paul said. Paul also mentioned Bryant's competitiveness, along with partner All-Star break,nba 2k16 vc account he also took two of his teammates into 2011, almost joking matter, and said that "to do 10 minutes of his teammates."

In 2007, Kobe Bryant scored 50 points and the Hornets in the game, which makes the Hornets was impressed by Master Paul. It was Bryant 4 consecutive games scoring 50 +, becoming the second person after Chamberlain history. Paul said after the game he will have to Bryant's shoes as a souvenir, and now preserved.

Wade Bryant respect his desire to reach such heights, and recalled their first fight. That game the Lakers' lead reached double digits, Wade and Kobe Bryant on the bit hit a few goals, he felt was a remarkable achievement.

Flash also referred to the 2012 All-Star Game, NBA 2K16 MT VC PS4 when he thought Kobe too seriously, it was decided to increase the defensive intensity, the results do not accidentally hit Bryant's nose bleeding.


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