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"13 years ago, when I came into the league,nba 2k16 vc my goal is to make Kobe can treat me equally," Wade said. "He is the league's best point guard."

Anthony also mentioned early in his career and Kobe showdown, he thought Kobe Bryant on the defensive very hard, provoking him, push him, are very aggressive style of play. It was once thought Anthony Bryant is not crazy.

"At the Olympics, he helped me a lot, he told me and any other person is different, it is very special." Anthony said. "For me, he is a mentor, a big brother, I love him."

The whole process, Bryant sat beside his wife, brothers listen to the speech, sometimes laughs, sometimes nodded.

Anthony believes this is no ordinary dinner, but "thank feast." "I have in this life will not forget that night," Paul said in an interview recently.

"We thank him for giving us the opportunity to say those words," Wade said. "For us, the opportunity to be able to thank him personally is very important."

Bryant admitted that he is not a social of people,nba 2k16 vc account but three of them, then let him moved.

"In the process of growing a player, always ambitious to become one of the greatest players, eager to win more championships. But when you are older, you begin to understand, there is not only a championship. This is more such a journey, the waves of the continuous influx of players. "

Today, Bryant recalled the night scene still was very grateful, "It is a great honor, they are years younger than me, I look at them into the league, watching them grow and become a superstar, I'm standing there with a joke, they listen and remember the first time I played against in the process,nba 2k16 vc sale and I encourage them to produce, and it feels great. I will always remember this matter. "


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added Apr 12 '16



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