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Not only fitness bracelets , but also smartwatches can now monitor users' physical activity, measure heart rate, count calories burned, steps taken, etc. This data can then be recorded in many different applications.

This is a trend that looks very positive at first glance. But not only avid athletes, but also ordinary people are interested in physical activity. For those who want to lose weight, such a fitness bracelet should become a welcome assistant. But what if it isn't?

Research shows just the opposite.

Dr. John Jakicic and a team from the University of Pittsburgh watched 470 people lose weight in 2 years. Adults with BMI values ​​between 25 and 40 were on a low-calorie diet and should simultaneously increase their physical activity. After 6 months, half of the study participants received a device that recorded their activity.

The participants who received the equipment became surprisingly less active. A fitness bracelet is useful, but research has shown that it can also be a demotivating element. you can clearly see how difficult it really is. If a person fails to achieve his daily goal, then he can give up his dream.

However, if he belongs to a group of people who are guided by the number of calories burned / steps taken, then this is definitely a good choice. A mobile phone can also be used in a similar way. There are a number of exercise apps that use gameplay elements to motivate users.

American farming will increasingly use fitness trackers to monitor the health of its cows, said Barbara Jones, director of the Southwest Regional Dairy Center at the University of Texas at Tarleton.
This technique attracts farming by the fact that it allows diagnosing various diseases of cattle at an early stage and starting treatment in a timely manner.

The technical devices used are worn around the neck and, according to the general principle of operation, are not particularly detached from devices for people.

The technology itself is not new, having become a consequence of the rapid evolution of pedometers, which, back in the 70s of the last century, were widely used by farming to determine the desire of cows to mate. The more intensively the animal moved, the more likely the instinct to reproduce manifested itself.

Now trackers track the number of steps taken by the animals per day, weight fluctuations and the intensity of chewing food, the number of milkings and the volume of milk received, which is subsequently recorded and transmitted for processing to a special program for further use by farm specialists.
One of the largest manufacturers of such diagnostic devices is the Swiss company Swiss Lane Farms, the head of which, Anna Link, noted that the introduction of the technology began in 2011, and by now, thanks to the accelerated development of technology, the amount of information received about the condition of cows is simply enormous.

With a decrease in the intensity of chewing feed, specialists can predict a further decrease in the level of milk yield, which will allow taking a number of preventive measures to prevent this. Also, after the birth of a calf, at certain stages, employees can diagnose a vitamin deficiency, as a result of which they can balance the diet in the right direction.

The ability to constantly monitor animals allows veterinarians to experiment with the selection of the most optimal feed suitable for a particular cow, which leads to an increase in milk yield and nutritional value of milk while reducing the overall level of production costs.

According to Dr. Ron Eraskin, a professor at Michigan State University, about 10% of farmers in the country already use trackers to monitor livestock health, and the technology is the future

The devices have proven to be useful for both farmers and veterinarians, becoming the most useful high-tech tool in diagnosing health abnormalities.

One of the few barriers to widespread adoption of the technology is its hefty cost. The price of one bracelet is about $ 160, and according to the US Department of Agriculture, the average cost of a dairy cow does not exceed $ 1,500.

This proportion is not in favor of bracelets and often creates an insurmountable cost barrier for small farms that are not yet ready to invest for these purposes.

Are you in voluntary self-isolation because of the coronavirus and the ceiling is slowly falling on your head? Here are our 28 best tips against boredom.


Tired of killing time with films, series and social media? Do you want a meaningful occupation that challenges you and after which you also feel the satisfaction of having achieved something? Then you are exactly right here.


Sport and exercise in general are real boredom killers and are therefore at the top of our list of tips against boredom at home. You don't feel like doing pushups and co.? Not bad. Here are other ways to be active and very casually something for your well-being to do .

1. Do a home workout

No desire or opportunity to go to the gym? No problem. Your own body weight is enough to do a hard workout at home .

2. Go for a walk

A little walk around the block makes the mind free and stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, you can also use the time and talk to someone on the phone .

3. Go jogging

If you have your circuit one more bit again bring momentum going, make a small endurance from the walk. Jogging burns loads of calories , supplies your brain with fresh oxygen , reduces stress and , by the way, also strengthens your immune system .

Tips against boredom: jogging

4. Work on your mobility

Do you sometimes feel stiff and immobile ? Then use the time at home for a mobility routine . You will see how relaxed and comfortable you feel afterwards .

5. Learn a headstand / handstand

Have you always wanted to be able to do a headstand or a handstand? Then now is the perfect time to learn it. Check out a few tutorials . Grab a yoga mat and let's go.

6. Think up a challenge

You can find loads of fun ideas for cool challenges on the internet . Just think of one yourself and challenge your friends .


You may not currently be able to meet up with your family and friends the way you would like to, but you can still do something for your social contacts. On the one hand, these tips will help you drive away boredom and, on the other hand, you will also make other people happy at the same time.

1. Get involved socially

It doesn't matter whether you're just helping the elderly couple from the neighborhood with their shopping or donating something to people who are worse off. Social engagement is not only a wonderful tip against boredom, it also makes both sides happier . 

2. Call family and friends (via Skype)

Are there people you think of often, but keep forgetting to call ? Then now is the right time . And we bet they'll be happy. By the way: It  becomes even more  personal when you  arrange  a  Skype date with your loved ones . So you can see each other and eat together, train or come up with something else.

3. Report to an old friend you haven't heard from in a long time

The same applies to old friends. If there someone out there to do you think more often, though ye have been forever no longer seen you, call him / them .

4. Support systemically relevant professions

While many of us are in the home office, doctors, nurses, police officers and many other professional groups go about their jobs every day to keep the system running. Time for a THANK YOU! That is why we at BRAINEFFECT are now giving away our exclusive SUPPORTER KIT free of charge to everyone who works in the relevant professions. Do you belong or do you know someone? Then keep sharing the good news and secure our free SUPPORTER KIT for yourself or them .

Teachers often complain about their students' lack of concentration in class. Indeed, it is difficult for them to keep a sustained attention for a long time. Parents are also concerned about this problem, because concentration is crucial for students to learn easily. In other words, it is the key to success. So, why and how to improve your concentration ?

What is concentration?
Concentration is a psychic process that allows us to focus the resources of our mind on a single goal, while neglecting distractions that could interfere with concentration. Indeed, the pupil is easily distracted, because he perceives all the stimuli with the same degree of importance, he does not manage to give priority to a source of information (e.g. the noise of a falling rule is on an equal level with the speaking master).

Why improve her concentration?
Improving concentration allows the student to focus on a specific task over a period of time.
It makes it easier to listen in class and take notes.
Attentive children develop their skills more easily.
5 games to improve your concentration
To help children improve their concentration while having fun, here are 5 concentration games:

1. Story game
This game is all about reading stories to your kids and quitting after reading a paragraph or two. Afterwards, you ask a question about an event, a character or a place in order to test your child's concentration.

You can vary this game, asking the child to find the end or the beginning of the story as long as he keeps the general idea or the common thread of the story.

2. Number game missing
You count from 1 to 10 or 2O depending on the age of your child. And every time you skip a number, the child has to find the forgotten number. For example, you say "One, two, three, four, six," and by the time you say "six" your child should say "five". It develops his attention.

You can increase the difficulty of this game, by counting in multiples. For example, you start counting multiples of 4. And every time you skip a number, the child has to find the forgotten number. For example, you say “four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty four,” right now, your child should say “twenty”.

3. Game antonym
This game is ideal for developing concentration, but also for enriching your child's vocabulary. You start the game, by saying, for example (long - fast - wide… ..) And you ask your child to find his antonym. But, you have to choose these words according to the level and age of your child.

4. Word game
This game will also develop language skills and concentration at the same time.

Before starting this game, you choose areas (fruits, vegetables, clothes, sport….). First, the first child chooses an area (clothing). Then he chooses a word from this area (bathrobe). The next one must find a garment name that starts with R… the answer is Robe.

5. Tongue twisters
A tongue twister (also called tongue fork) is a string of words that are difficult to pronounce. It is a kind of pun or exercise that is useful in achieving more agile pronunciation. You can start these diction exercises as soon as they start to know how to make sentences.
Here are some examples of Tongue Twisters:

Five dogs are hunting six cats.
I am what I am and if I am what I am, what am I?
She left with uncle, your Taine and your tuna.
This severe green worm knows how to pour its green glasses.
Fish without drink is poison!
A hunter who knows how to hunt must know how to hunt without his dog.

The impact of customer reviews on consumers is no longer to be proven. In fact, according to an IFOP study, more than 88% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase. They are essential if you want to develop your online sales. Did you know that in addition to acting on your e-reputation, customer reviews offer many advantages to companies that know how to take advantage of them? You should know that collecting opinions, the first step in any e-reputation strategy, will only be really profitable when it is used optimally.

This is the subject of the new white paper published by Trustpilot , the leader in customer reviews. This complete guide explains how to take advantage of online reviews in e-commerce, to convert visitors into buyers , through 14 concrete and easily applicable examples.

How to integrate customer reviews into your digital marketing strategy?

Over time, consumer reviews have shown that their proper use undoubtedly improves the marketing actions implemented. Whether it's email marketing, SEO, social networks, or Facebook Ads campaigns, customer reviews can boost your audience acquisition strategy. They represent a serious asset which will arouse the confidence of your prospects and in addition will improve your marketing performance for brand development, increasing your clickthrough rates (CTR), and improving your conversion rates. Indeed, the power of customer reviews will extend to your AdWords campaigns (now Google Ads), increasing the clickthrough rate of your ads thanks to the display of stars. They will also contribute to the content of your pages, because the consumer reviews posted on your site represent unique and authentic content highly valued by Google from an SEO perspective. And the benefits are many.

Social proof: a powerful lever to increase sales

Businesses should take into account that the experience of their customers can influence the purchasing decision of a potential buyer. And this is where social proof takes on its full meaning. If this term is unknown to you, know that it is a concept introduced by Robert Cialdini, a researcher in psychology and author of the book “ The psychology of persuasion ” published in 1984. In a few words, social proof is influencing the behavior of your potential customers, by showing them that your product or service gives full satisfaction to many existing customers.

For example, if a commercial site markets a specific model of vacuum cleaner, and manages to convince its potential customers that many buyers have purchased this same vacuum cleaner, and that they are very satisfied with it, there are they are likely to order because their purchase decision will be supported by social proof. This is why internet users are more inclined to buy a product if it is accompanied by relevant customer reviews, to remove the brakes on the purchase.

This comprehensive guide to customer reviews will teach you how to use social proof, represented by customer reviews, to make it a powerful lever to convince consumers.

Customer reviews and e-commerce site: from trust to conversion

The e-commerce customer journey is also a key point in optimizing its conversion rate. Many studies have analyzed the reasons which push a consumer to abandon his shopping basket, and one of the criteria is the lack of confidence. Customer reviews integrated into key points in the purchasing journey will help to reduce drop-outs, and even influence the amount of the shopping basket upwards by creating a climate of trust. This guide will allow you to identify these key points, in order to fully exploit social proof to increase your e-commerce sales.

Suzuki Baleno, which is being sold so successfully in India, has a “sported" option. It is he who is now expanding the geography of sales, preparing to conquer a new market for himself.

In February 2020, Indonesia starts accepting orders for the Suzuki Baleno RS. It is possible that over time the usual Suzuki Baleno will reach our country. The version with the RS prefix can be distinguished from this hatchback by a more impudent appearance. This Suzuki car relies on redesigned bumpers, a modified grille, comfortable door sills and black alloy wheels 16 inches. The Baleno RS is powered by a 102-liter Boosterjet three-cylinder turbo engine. Paired with him is a five-speed manual.

 The hatchback boasts stylish head optics, LED DRLs, metal pedals, front seats with pronounced lateral support, native multimedia and much more.

 Recall, Baleno leaves the assembly line of the Indian factory Maruti Suzuki. The standard hatchback is equipped with one of two available engines: a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated, producing 84 hp. or a 1.3-liter 75-horsepower turbodiesel. The cost of such a car starts at 673,611 rupees. For sports Baleno RS will have to pay a minimum of 888,913 rupees.

Karma Automotive will introduce an electric pickup truck and SUV

The approach of the brand’s engineers is to use the new all-wheel drive platform (we believe that it is completely electric), but there are no details about it yet.

 In the near future, California-based Karma may move from creating sports and luxury luxury cars (currently the company only offers the hybrid Revero GT / GTS, pictured below) to all-electric pickups and SUVs.

 According to an article by Bloomberg, a presentation of the concept version of the first Karma pickup is expected by the end of this year. A few months ago, the guys already hinted at the possibility of using their electric power units on larger types of cars - for example, pickups.

  The approach of the brand’s engineers is to use the new all-wheel drive platform (we believe that it is completely electric), but there are no details about it yet.

 Kevin Pavlov, Karma’s new COO, said: “We can bring an electric SUV and pickup to the market.” Another area of ​​parallel brand development is the process of creating all-electric models, which were announced by the Karma SC2 concept, which debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

 With the support of the large Chinese concern Wanxiang Group, which acquired Karma's assets in 2014, the latter probably has the necessary resources to significantly expand its lineup.

You'll also need an Apple Watch, Garmin, or OS smartwatch.

A heart health company cardiogram and an Oscar health insurer combine to allow Oscar members to control signs of diabetes and atrial fibrillation with wearable devices.

Participants will need an Apple Watch , Garmin, or Wear OS smartwatch to use the Cardiogram app, which will monitor for signs of both conditions in the background as users do their business day after day. If the device detects symptoms of any of them, users will receive a warning to receive confirmatory tests of a medical level, either a blood test in a nearby laboratory for diabetes, or a mobile ECG test (sent by mail) for atrial fibrillation.

These tests will be free, and if they confirm that the patients have a tendency to the disease, a cardiogram will help them take the next step to treatment.

Last year, as part of a study with researchers at UC San Francisco, a cardiogram confirmed that it can detect diabetes using modern wearable devices. This is the first time he has conducted this research in practice.

Co-founder Brandon Ballinger said they are currently receiving 97% accuracy for AFib and 85% for diabetes. However, it does not have FDA approval for both, and does not look to receive it. That's why it plays a more advisory role, encouraging users to look for confirmatory tests if it detects suspicious symptoms. According to Ballinger, the cardiogram will need to analyze at least one week of data before making any recommendations.

As for the future development of AFib tracking in the future, Ballinger suggests that the cardiogram may lean back from the FDA-approved Apple Watch ECG — if Apple ever makes the API available to developers. At the moment, he relies entirely on optical data.

“I think, based on the conditions that we do, you will always want to do standard medical tests,” Ballinger told me over the phone. “Not just for the purposes of the FDA, but also for how your doctor is going to interpret the results.”

This is not the first time we see technology companies teaming up with healthcare providers. This year, Apple partnered with Aetna, rewarding Apple Watch patients for healthy behavior. Fitbit also created several of its own partnerships. But the cardiogram and the Oscars come together in a way that we have not seen before, giving healthcare members the ability to view for specific conditions.

While the Apple Watch can track the signs of AFib itself, diabetes monitoring is a completely different game. People with diabetes often have low heart rate variability, which is one of the key factors that the cardiogram keeps an eye on.

As for how profitable it is, Oscar - the provider competes in the Obamacare market, where there is an incentive program that pays insurers for each member who receives the diagnosis. And Oscar pays a cardiogram to use its technology.

“The next step is to get out of the lab and sit on your wrist,” said Ballinger. Oscar healthcare members can download the Cardiogram app and link their bills starting today.
Personalized packaging is a real success in e-commerce. However, what solutions are fashionable in the cosmetics industry? Let's see!

Custom packaging design is definitely fun. It's also a big challenge for the imagination, and an opportunity to create a cheap but very effective advertising medium for your business. A custom packaging design will allow you to stand out in the market and win the sympathy of customers. It is therefore important to invest in this fashionable solution.

To create a positive image of your business, you can prepare a unique custom packaging, in which your products will not only be transported safely to the customer, but will be equally beautiful!

Personalized packaging in the cosmetics industry
The retail packaging offer is very rich. When preparing your dream box, you can make a cut out package, choose aluminum packaging or boxes with a lid or void fill. It is worth choosing a solution that is consistent with the character of your product and both aesthetic and practical. One of the best solutions in the cosmetics industry of e-commerce is a personalized packaging with a window.

For example, Yope designed his packaging this way. Another innovative idea on the market is there supposedly a box in surprise set up by Stars & Sage.

Get Inspired - Yope Product Boxes
The unique design of Yope packaging attracts attention and gives an elegant character to the entire range of products. Thanks to this solution, you can change the way you think about liquid soaps and natural cosmetics for the body. The coloring of Yope boxes refers to the vanilla and honey fragrances of cosmetics. Each box is also equipped with a practical handle .

Inspire You - Stars & Sage Packaging
The company Stars & Sage has chosen an unusual and innovative solution for its customers, so-called "a surprise box". According to the company's vision, loyal customers receive a unique set each month, packaged in an eco box. Items in a box in surprise have been carefully selected. The design of the packaging refers to the organic nature of Stars & Sage products. The box with the content is an invitation to a healthy and relaxing bathing ritual and more frequent use of the company's products

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