Tencent five FIFA 16 games live Bayern Munich, Real Madrid Barcelona World War Milan turns on stage from sdgrtryre4566's blog

Time Event Event \u0026 Commentary Live Studio address at 21:30 on April 11 Bundesliga 28 Bayern Munich vs Frankfurt live video room at 22:00 on April 11th La Liga Article 31 of the Royal Madrid vs Ewald video broadcast room at 02:00 on April 12 the first 31 La Liga Sevilla vs Barcelona video broadcast room at 23:30 on April 12 Bundesliga 28 Stuttgart vs Werder not Levin Mei video broadcast room at 02:45 on April 13 Serie A Chapter 30 AC Milan vs Sampdoria video broadcast room RUTHERFORD April 10 news this weekend Europe's major leagues will be the resumption of fighting. From Beijing April 11 () 21:30 start, Tencent video Tencent sports will join five FIFA 16 games to bring you live coverage of Europe's top leagues, then Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and other European tradition the Yankees would have appeared, please the majority of fans look forward to! At 21:30 on April 11 Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich Bundesliga 28 cruised to 27 before the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich 21 wins, four draws and 2 losses with 67 points topped the standings, but Frankfurt is 9 wins and 8 draws and 10 losses with 35 Chapter 8 points behind. Bundesliga this season, left seven put all over, is currently ahead of the second place Wolfsburg Bayern 10 points, defending a bright future. Round vs. midstream ultimate team Frankfurt, Bavarian giants have long had 3 points regarded as a foregone conclusion. However, next week in the Champions League will be fully started the quarter-finals, Bayern will go away to Portuguese giants Porto, taking into account the importance of the Champions League knockout in round vs. Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, Bayern coach Guardiola may have a certain degree of the fifa coins starting lineup rotation. At 22:00 on April 11 Ewald vs Real Madrid Spanish league La Liga 31 30 cruised before, Real Madrid 23 wins and one draw and 6 defeats accumulate 70 points behind in second place standings, while Ewald is 8 wins and 7 flat 15 negative accumulated 31 points ranked No. 14. Real Madrid since 2015 competitive state fluctuating Galacticos currently four points behind leaders Barcelona, La Liga champions compete outlook is not optimistic. Competition conducted in midweek, despite beating Real Madrid 2-0 Rayo Vallecano, but if there is no high-low block Casillas in front of goal, Galacticos probably can not be three points in the bag, this The fact proves, Carlo Ancelotti's ultimate team has yet to find the ideal feel for the FIFA 16 game. La Liga round vs. ultimate team standings downstream Ewald, Real Madrid must take all three points, and only so Galacticos just be able to continue in the standings followed by Barcelona, and next week away to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 1 / 4 final first leg before the FIFA 16 game starts, find good competitive state. At 2:00 on April 12 Sevilla vs Barcelona La Liga La Liga 31 cruised before 30, Barcelona 24 wins, 2 draws and four losses with 74 points topped the standings, while Seville is 19 wins, four draws 7 losses with 61 points behind in the standings 5. Currently Barcelona Real Madrid four points ahead of second place, but the current round of the Catalan giants will go away before desire scored four of Seville; and in the next week, the red and blue army will be in the Champions League 1/4 final first leg match guest Princes Stadium challenge strong strength of PSG , the results of these two life and death, and perhaps will determine success or failure in Barcelona throughout the season. For Enrique, the good news is that Messi and Suarez's recent competitive state are quite good, and this duo Neymar join Barcelona will still rely on the most worth 'thigh.' At 23:30 on April 12 Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga 28 cruised to 27 before the Bundesliga, Stuttgart 5 wins, 8 draws and 14 losses with 23 points behind in the standings last first, rather than the 9 Bremen wins, 8 draws and 10 losses 35 points ranked No. 9. Bundesliga this season, left 7, theoretically Stuttgart still have the possibility of relegation round vs. midstream ultimate team Werder Bremen, Stuttgart is bound to take all three points and pushed hard. 4 13 2:45 AC Milan vs Sampdoria Serie 30 Serie A cruised before 29, AC Milan 10 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses 41 points behind in the standings eight, while Sampdoria the 12 wins, 12 draws and 5 losses with 48 points ranked fifth. In the last two rounds of Serie A, AC Milan has defeated Cagliari and Palermo, the competitive state of recovery in the Rossoneri Inzaghi looking forward to the ultimate team can continue to move forward WWI region. Round AC Milan vs. Sampdoria and strength, 'Mariner (Sampdoria nickname),' is just a direct competitor to compete for the war in Europe Rossoneri tickets, so the FIFA 16 game, AC Milan must win.

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