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England qualified for Fifa Coins the European Championship finals in 2012 which will be hosted in Poland and the Ukraine next summer, this will be the first time that either country has hosted a major football championship. England went into the match knowing that they only needed a draw in their final group game in Montenegro to secure qualification for the Finals.

Even though England only required a single point from their final group game to ensure qualification, the task was by no means a formality, Montenegro had already shown their pedigree during their 0-0 draw against England earlier in the group stage of the competition, in the match at Wembley Stadium. Montenegro also enjoy a lofty world FIFA ranking of 26, which clearly demonstrates that they are no pushovers in any competition.

England started the game well and any pre-match anxieties were quickly eased after just eleven minutes when a perfect cross from Theo Walcott only required a simple header from fifa 17 coins cheap Ashley to put England into the lead. The Podgorica City Stadium can be an intimidating arena for visiting teams and manager Fabio

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