Modri said enjoy C Ronaldo with Messi football from nikkiy's blog

After Real Madrid home court 5-2 victory over Osasuna, Real Madrid midfielder Modri said in an interview, he was very happy to see C Ronaldo regression.

Modri said: "in fact, return C Ronaldo mean fifa 17 ps4 coins  a lot to us He's a great player, his presence, his leadership on the pitch, and that's important. I'm sure he'll get stronger every time he plays a game."

About C Ronaldo and Harvey Modri said, "slobber war, today he harvest goals, played very well In my eyes, C Ronaldo is the best  fifa coins buy player in the world, although I do not love more We should calm down and enjoy his football with Messi."

Finally, Modri praised the whole team, he said: "we have a very impressive lineup, in each location, we have at least 2-3 players, we are very happy. We just need to keep working hard and improve every game."


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