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In midfield, Cazorla chose the 03-04 season unbeaten Arsenal side, from left to right three people is Pires, Gilberto and Vieira, and on the right side of midfield, active teammate Mesut Ozil squeezed out of the permanent Berri.Arsenal star Cazorla has selected the best team in... more
Arsenal in temperament has always suffered outside criticism, the lack of a predator fighting spirit. But Sanchez has been a indomitable spirit, is always the most fight Arsenal man. Wenger once said Sanchez has a fighting spirit". Sanchez of the game is the player two front pa... more
After Real Madrid home court 5-2 victory over Osasuna, Real Madrid midfielder Modri said in an interview, he was very happy to see C Ronaldo regression.Modri said: "in fact, return C Ronaldo mean fifa 17 ps4 coins  a lot to us He's a great player, his presence, h... more
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