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Arsenal in temperament has always suffered outside criticism, the lack of a predator fighting spirit. But Sanchez has been a indomitable spirit, is always the most fight Arsenal man. Wenger once said Sanchez has a fighting spirit". Sanchez of the game is the player two front pass number, a total of 32 passes, the success rate of 69%. At the same time the height of less than 1 meters 7 of the Sanchez is also the most offensive teams to compete for the highest number of players, a total of 3 competition. More importantly, as a single arrow starting striker, Sanchez when the team needs to get back involved in defense, in this half successful 2 steals. And Sanchez after losing the ball in place for buy fifa 17 coins the first time in place to grab, to play back to play a certain role to play a certain role.

At the crucial moment, hold the thigh! When Arsenal has opened up the situation, Sanchez scored an equaliser. This is the second goal he scored for the team this season. By virtue of this goal, Arsenal's Champions League opener on the road from Paris Saint Germain scored a hand difficult points.

At Arsenal last 14 Champions League goal, Sanchez scored 4 goals and 5 assists, 64% goals are related to him. This season, Sanchez in the League for the three time in the league, and scored a goal. Today, Sanchez only had two chance to attack the door, there is a kick into the goal.

The Arsenal game in the lightning after throwing the ball out of the way, most of the time was to suppress opponents. Sanchez has been very active in the field of hard work, just started in the second half, Sanchez launched a counterattack, he shot in the restricted area was blocked by the other guard. Seventy-seventh minutes, Mesut Ozil cross from the left,  Cheap Fifa Coins  iwobi point penalty kick shot by goalkeeper Sanchez Aguirre ora saved, a follow-up tip will score, with this goal, Arsenal to avoid eating the bitter fruit of failure. After the game, the daily mail for Sanchez to score 7 points, which is the team in addition to goalkeeper Ospina, the highest score.

The former England international Wardle Sanchez: "we have been waiting for a player in a flash, Sanchez goal seemed to save us from prison." Lineker also posted on social networking sites Sanchez's goal to enjoy the video expression, and with the text, you want to Sanchez, take it."

After Sanchez had a surprising, he said in an interview with "my ability has reached a certain level, even compared with Messi C, I also have the same ability." This has caused great controversy. But the fact that can not be ignored, since Sanchez, is the most Arsenal fighting spirit of the players, the lack of iron in the temperament of the arsenal, especially precious. So don't laugh at Sanchez's presumptuous, at least he has a dare war Messi C Ronaldo brave heart.

After Real Madrid home court 5-2 victory over Osasuna, Real Madrid midfielder Modri said in an interview, he was very happy to see C Ronaldo regression.

Modri said: "in fact, return C Ronaldo mean fifa 17 ps4 coins  a lot to us He's a great player, his presence, his leadership on the pitch, and that's important. I'm sure he'll get stronger every time he plays a game."

About C Ronaldo and Harvey Modri said, "slobber war, today he harvest goals, played very well In my eyes, C Ronaldo is the best  fifa coins buy player in the world, although I do not love more We should calm down and enjoy his football with Messi."

Finally, Modri praised the whole team, he said: "we have a very impressive lineup, in each location, we have at least 2-3 players, we are very happy. We just need to keep working hard and improve every game."



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