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Lonsdor K518ISE program match the smart card1 press the start button, open the driver door;2 the system tries to get the passwordif the model can be read out, please select the password. If the vehicle password cannot be recognized, please read EEPROMdata and put it into Lonsdor ... more
piros365 Oct 26 '17 · Tags: lonsdor k518ise, vvdi-prog
Lonsdor K518ISE Auto Key Programmer program Volvo XC60 smart key via OBD: success  Step 1: Read the security data of the CEM moduleVolvo’s CEM are located under the co-pilot airbag on the left, remove the debris boxRead CEM data with RN-01 board:Plug K518ISE ... more
roulinn520 Oct 13 '17 · Tags: lonsdor k518ise, k518ise
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